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Unfortunately feels like I've been here before.


Is it just me or has the whole COD series in need of a much needed lift.


I just can't get excited about this game at all wether it's just the feeling it's too similar to others in the series I don't know but I can't be the only one who feels this way.


Don't get me wrong I don't hate the game it's just got boring very quickly, much quicker than the other COD games.


A lot of people complain about loads of features in the game especially perks and guns but the way I look at it they are available to everyone to use.


The lag compensation can be annoying as well but I bet most people suffer it at some time.


Is there a solution to a new COD ?, it's got to be radically different to the other titles to inject a bit of life back into the series.


Just my 2cents worth, hope I can get the love back for the series because there's nothing better in gaming than having a game that you can get a sense of anticipation about when you put it in the machine.

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    i loved cod4 because it was so indepth with the new prestige system and challenges. Then mw2 was awesome to play to unlock titles and emblems through even more challenges, some very difficult. Blops had theatre, wager matches, and combat record.


    Mw3 didn't really bring anything new to the table. Sure the kill streak changes and prestige shop is nice but they don't really add to the MP's playing time life. I do really enjoy playing it but I am also getting bored much more quickly than previous CoD titles.


    I really just wanted a lot more challenges and titles/emblems, most of MW3's are copy and pasted from MW2 and I didn't expect that at all.

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    How specifically would you change the next CoD?

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      I would definitely add anal launched RPG's so you don't have to turn around when an enemy is shooting you in the back.

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      I'm not quite sure, maybe cut down on the stats and killstreaks a bit.


      COD4 was just about right for stats nobody but your friends had access to your personal records so K/D ratio etc didn't matter to most people.


      It would be nice if we really did go back to gun vs gun as well, and then get rewarded if you can master gun skills unlike the support package where it doesn't matter if you can't keep a killstreak going.


      I know a lot of people wouldn't want to go back to a more simplistic game though.


      I wish I had the perfect answer.

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      I know exactly how you feel. I cannot play Modern Warfare 3 for longer than 30 minutes at a time. It was exciting when it first came out, but after about 3 days of play time in the first two and a half weeks, I played a total 2 days since. It is practically the exact same thing that I have been playing for the last 4 years and combined with the same guns killing you over and over, and the frequent lag that I experience, it just makes it that much more frustrating and off-putting.


      Personally, I would like to see some RPG elements implemented into the game. Character customization that can be unlocked, better gun customization. Or just something. I'm getting tired of the same thing over and over. I am, however, looking forward to Treyarch's upcoming title. David Vonderhaar has been asking the community a lot of questions and getting their input through twitter on what to do with the next game. Treyarch also did take some serious steps in the right direction with character and gun customization, gun-on-gun fights, wager matches, whereas, Infinity Ward seemed to take baby steps in a forward motion. Bringing back CoD 4 red dots? Why? The same exact challenges and titles from Modern Warfare 2 even though you have added other things to the game? Lazy much? The tiers for point streaks were a good idea, but chaining killstreaks, and the power of those killstreaks leaves far to many ways to die. Not to mention you have to use 2 perks now if you want to remain invisible to killstreaks that are far to easy to obtain. Capture "a", capture "b" kill two guys, you have a predator missle. Get a kill with your predator missle, head to "c" and throw a grenade, you have an attack helicopter, you sit back while your heli gets you 6 kills. Now you have an AC-130, and you're ending  the ac-130 with a 19 k/d and nothing really achieved by the player or his gun. I liked Treyarch's approach of having to actually earn the killstreak rather than earning 5 to get to 12..

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    Personally, they should take BO play style, MW3's level-unlock system, MW2's use-attachment, gain attachment system, COD:4's simplicity, and COD:3's match selection process.


    I would love to see a multiplayer-only call of duty. Most people who play call of duty play play online, so why not?


    Then there would be less worry of a "Does this fit the theme?" and more of a "thats awesome, put it in there"


    Exhibit A - the MP44 in COD:4. Obviously a 60 year old gun shouldn't of belonged there, but it was a cool gun to get.


    Exhibit B - Model 1887. This gun is twice the age of the MP44, but was hella lot fun to use.


    I hope treyarch tickles our senses with a multiplayer than would span 100 years of war without the silly SP to ruin it.


    You'd think by year 10 they would of nailed down what players like and dislike.

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    I am likewise finding myself becoming bored already, and am hoping this months DLC addition will help with that. I am at a loss though, as to how they could drastically change the game for the next installment. For that matter, why would they?


    They continue to smash their own launch day records so I would say that their current model is working for a large (actually massive) amount of the public.


    That being said another game that I am a big fan of, the NHL series, introduced several new features over the past few years such as Be a Pro and Hockey Ultimate Team. Having a new way to enjoy your favorite game can definitely bring back the excitement. Having said that, I look forward to seeing what additions and improvements come with the future Call of Duty titles.

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    I don't know what it is but I could play Black Ops for so long but with MW3, there's something missing which doesn't give me that "WOW" factor when I play it.


    It could be the sheer frustration out of the poor connectivity, maps & possibly some of the community but I don't get that excitement playing MW3 compared to playing Black Ops.


    I like the pointstreak, unlocking & weapons proficiencies system but the maps just disappoint me. I get a whole lot of enjoyment playing on Firing Range, Stadium, WMD, Grid etc on Black Ops or Terminal, Favela, Crash etc on MW2 but the maps in MW3 just feel too cluttered i.e. too many explosive barrels, vehicles etc.


    Don't get me wrong, I do like MW3 but I don't get the same excitement that I had when I played Black Ops.

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    I have enjoyed every COD title since and including MW1.


    But, yeah, every change since then has been cosmetic. It's time for something revolutionary.


    I mean, I know there's some BF fans out there, but that game isn't all that great. It's okay. COD is okay at this point.


    I think the biggest problem with MW3 is that it is pretty much a chore to play. I mean, you've either got to be killing or avoid being killed non-stop. There are no lulls in the game. Sometimes you need to duck out of the fight to regroup, get a fresh read of the battlefield.


    There ain't no doing that in MW3. Either you're aware of everything happening 100% of the time or you're going to get run over.


    The end result is that after a couple hours, your worn out.


    With ANY previous COD, I could play all day if I wanted and not feel the need for a break.