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Assasin Pro


I hear many peeps here, demanding that Assasin should be removed or nerfed because it's a campers tool. If you think that way maybe you should play another game because this is not Pac Man where you collect the dots on your radar or your heartbeat monitor. Keep your friggin eyes open and check your corners!!! So I play Assasin most of the times and I'm very mobile and agressive with it. I just don't like noobs camping a corner (or akimbo noobs jumping around) cause they see my dot comming. This is a legit perk and a legit strategy that y'all can't just ban just because you are not capable to deal with.


Anybody with me?

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    I'm with you! 

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    Agreed with you. What gets me is plp complain about it. if i throw a UAV up i see lots of distracting red dots.


    Not That Many use it so what are the complaints ?

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    When Assassin Pro makes the individual invisible I will complain. Until then...I don't see what the gripe is about...Oh wait! I'm not a Red Dot Farmer so that helps...lol. I like what mccul1701 said "...i see lots of distracting red dots."


    - vTc Goose

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    Assasin Pro never makes me invisible since we're not playing Crysis

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    I agree!


    I use assasin all the time playing dom and never sit still once..


    Im constantly moving between flags and the only reason i use it is to stop red dot chasers hunting me out...Im not sure about this but I can defend much better when im alive in the game.....


    I also agree totally with the fact that when someone calls in uav it does me more harm than good cuz i wana look, but it takes me eyes off the bit thats important...right in front of me!


    All these ppl who say Assisan users either suck or camp must be either playing the wrong people (prob kids) or have had their butts handed to them time and time again by us, even though they can bring their gun up quicker...We already knew you wer there,,lol

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    for me I only use assasin when I sniper on the game becasue I hate to move every 3 sec becasue a uav is call in about every 3 sec in game. I do not really camp I move slow around the map and take my time to line up a shot to give me +2 kill. I only hate assasin when it use on AR and the other gun class just beacuse it make it abit harder to get the long range shot. also snice it counter markman pro.

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    Assasin haters are quiet in here. Y'all got banned or what?

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    I run it...if needed and don't when not needed its a tool for a specific job no more no less.


    Whats the purpose and motive of your post? I am unclear?

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    IW likes jumping on the bandwagon of a lot of mainstream ideas. Since there's so many no-skill gamers that like to get rid of Assasin or want to nerf it down I felt the need to set up a pro-assasin thread.

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