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Token Glitch Punishment


I know there's a lot of bashing around this topic and y'all rather like to flame those poor souls to the depths of hell rather than to take a few moments to reflect what we are facing here.


I think that the toke glitch got punished way too severe and I think many people here beeing very hypocritical in their cheater-bashing.


No while you'r blood pressure rizes and you feel an urge to reply in rage...take a moment to read why I think so and be sure I'm not one of these poor souls.


What is a glitch? It's a bug that made it in the game and allows you to do things that were not ment to do. This could be something useless like when you get stuck on a certain part of the map or get freezes. It also could be something that has or can lead to strategic advantage divinding players in two classes. Those who know and those who don't. Thanks to youtube it's not a small and exclusive crowd that owns the battlefield anymore. Nowaddays people share this secret knowledge for fortune (MS Points) or fame. Now I guess we all tried some of the ingame glitches at some moment. Ever been inside the rock on Fuel or under the map in Overgrown. Many been there. Some to abuse, some to understand and some out of curiosity. Everybody learns those glitches pretty quick and we lern to counter them untill they get patched or render useless. Even MW3 had some of those glitches before the prestige token glitch. They got eventually patched and and people got away with getting under the map or stealth glitching or no-kick glitching and whatnot. We all hated them while the kept mowing us down with their unrightfull advantage but when IW fixed that crap, justice was served.


Now I know the Prestige Token glitch is a different thing because people aquire more than just a few kills in this game and a short boost of their K/D ratio. On the other hand it's so easy to find out what one achieved legally and what not. I'm not a fan of cheating or glitching but in my oppinion punishment is harder than the crime considering that it's done so easy. I'm afraid that IW just uses this issue so that you think they are so good and just and the love their legal community. It is to distract you of other issues you could be mad about. It's also something they will always put in their resume. Of course we care for you...we banned the glichers, right?


So I think some of you are very simmilar like sheep. No offense but bashing those kids doesn't make you a better person. I'm sure you glitched too and just got lucky one day. I know you maybe understand some of those excuses but enjoy bashing just a bit more right now.


Correct me if I'm wrong and feel free to discuss

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    The token glitch upsets the true position on the leaderboards.  It makes them pointless.  It's cheating and in order to get people to stop doing it there needs to be consequences/accountability otherwise it will just go on and on and on unchecked.  I for one am glad that they are resetting people who glitched.  Maybe they will stop doing it now.  I know that it won't stop all of them but it will reduce the number of glitchers in the future.  JMO

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    someone who talks a bit of sense , thankyou..

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    I know some people think the token glitch is harmless, but look at the history of COD games on the consoles-


    people use leaderboard glitches - nothing is done.


    hacked lobby prestige glitches - nothing is done.



    By the time the aimbots and God-Mode hacks come out every one uses them because they think nothing will be done, and the game is then completely ruined for everyone else

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    If the punishment just reset you to where you were prior to doing it, it's not really a punishment and DEFINATELY not a deterrant.


    A complete rank reset, and a complete positive stats reset is a great deterrant, as proven by the threads on here crying about it.


    Don't exploit the system, and there is no punishment.


    WILLINGLY and KNOWINGLY exploit the system and you should expect harsh treatment. I'm sure most legit players would rather see's those that cheat perma-banned from the game, I know I would

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    Leaderboards always got hacked. Are you truely playing for the Leaderboards??? I compare me with my buddies or take a look in lobby-leaderbords and don't even care for the rest. Yes it's cool that finally something is done but I kame a big difference between hacking, modding and glitching. to put it in a right relation hackers should pay much money which is then invested in free dlc so that glitch is just a petty theft. simply put back the sweets in the shelf and track down the real criminals

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    never been behind the pipes in COD4's Pipeline map? Never been happy that only your reputation got a little worse and no ban and no reset?

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    I've NEVER cheated, or glitched, or exploited, or boosted, in ANY Xbox game, EVER.


    I play the game fair, the way it should be played. I earn my prestige by putting the time in.


    If you are willing to cheat/hack/glitch/exploit, then you should be willing to face the ultimate concequence - perma-ban.


    Why should legit players have to associate with those cretins mentioned above? Break the rules - take the punishment

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    do you remember in black ops when they had that combat training glitch where people could get all of the guns and pro perks? treyarch handled that very well just by reseting things to the way they were unlike IW that went over the top with how they handled the situation

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    finally someone with some sense...thank you!

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