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Private gametypes  Tips and Rules (Yes for wii)


As many of you know I have been hosting "hacked" lobbies for fun. These include gun game, infected, drop zone, team jugg and jugg.

And since I have hosted a good plenty of these lobbies I would like to give some tips and rules.


First off  have 100 allies so I can't add anyone. Unless I have known you  for a long time.


Rule:Do not use FMG-9s as a primary. You can use them if your trying to take out a jugg. But no walking around with them like a mindless monkey. Or they will get kicked.


Rule: In infected, It gives the first guy a SCAR , then after the first kill everyone infected has fmg-9s and a throwing knife.(none of this I can control). I let the first guy shoot the scar then after that the infected can only knife. Since  I have a mic, I would be happy if you would tell everyone else in the lobbie.


Rule: I really like to have at least 6 people so invite people if not.


Tip: in juggernaut. I hear people complain about not getting the jugg. Or dying right as they get it. That's because they running up to the jugg like a mindless monkey then getting mowed down. I suggest hiding behid something or flanking around and knife it in the back. Also the .44 Magnum it gives you is very helpfull since it is the only thing to use for long range.


Tip: Don't be the guy who's running up to the jugg with a claymore


Tip: In dropzone I suggest a sticky.


Tip: Thermal scopes are usefull since the smoke is thick as a snorelax.


Info: It lets me custamise the guns and order of gun game so if it's all messed up don't ask.


These lobbies do not affet you stats in anyway!!!