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    You have like a 0.27 k/d with the riot shield, that tells me you basically never us it let alone properly. You also  don't snipe a lot, I have more sniper kills than you, yet I barely ever snipe in this game. You mainly use fully auto ars. Not that hard to get your w/l when mainly playing tdm with 2 plus k/d players constantly against randoms in tdm. I like you, but you're not that (as in one of the best in the world) good at this game. Black ops was more your thing I guess. So only people who constantly killframe in tdm against random noobs with a party can get into your clan? Good to know..

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    I dont like the riot shield as a class. I only use it when i randomly pick it up and mess around with it. I do not snipe alot. Most snipers just camp in a corner or lay down all day. Shooting people from a distance. Im a close quarters persons. So lmao at your ignorant comment. I love assault rifles and I also love the P-90, but according to you id prob suck for using that too rofl.I play tdm alot because its easy for me to take over when i run solo. When im in party we play alot of dom and kill comfirmed cause tdm not enough kills for us greedy bastards. Actually lol my kd in those game types are higher than my tdm kd. Which also shows your ignorance. If i really just cared about building my kd , then you would see me pour alot of time into thoses........ My clan features legit good players. Who couldn't care less about a noob's comments. Wedo love our haters btw. Shows that people pay attention to us lol. You talk all this crap, but ill proudly display my psn for all to see. Cause i have nothing to hide.


    Yeah, tell / message me your psn, I’ll add you, but please don’t give away my psn for mw3 on the forums, having near 3000 posts on a forum about a game is not something to be proud of lmao    Snipingdbag


    P.S. We are 4-0 in Clan Wars ! Wonder why?

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    Lol, you dumbass, I do not like you (duh I don't know you on the forums) nor have I looked at your stats as I do not care about your little clan. I was not talking to you, next time look at the name I'm quoting. Congrats on beating gotcha though, doubt it will stop him from saying how l33t he is.

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    Lol u dont care about our little clan but you posted several ''hater-like'' comments on our recruitment discussion. I kno exactly whio you were reffering to with your comment(like id ever add you as a friend), but i was just pointing out how you can critic someone's statsYet  you afraid of people having ur psn name ansd allow them to check your stats. Cause you claim not to have looked up my stats, but yor comment describe someone's stats loL

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    Lol, I don’t want you on my list either, I don’t play scrub death matches against randoms with a clan 24/7 thinking I’m beast. I’ll give gotcha my mw3 psn anytime, as I know him on the forums.


    You clearly thought  I was talking to you in that post, which was hilarious. Yes, I made fun of your clan requirements as they humor me.

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    The more you talk. The more ignorant you start to sound. Please continue. Cause my clan just keeps getting bigger and badder lol. 

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