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    Thank you.....do you have any evidence that Assassin Pro is at risk?


    Its just that


    1. The volume of traffic on forums, Facebook and twitter on this matter is statistically insignificant in comparison to



    Spawn fix


    Nerfing FMG9 akimbo and T95 which tend to appear as a box set.


    2. 402 announcements confirm dev focus I'd not on nerfing or buffing this or any perks. See facts in link




    Still you may have info to the contrary. Would appreciate sources or otherwise. Thx in advance.

  • 11. Re: Assasin Pro

    Thanks for the link. Still I don't give a rats tail about Mr. Bowlings promises

  • 12. Re: Assasin Pro

    Does final authority regarding what is and isn't changed in MW3 rest with 402 alone?

  • 13. Re: Assasin Pro

    Well in this case we would all be damned

  • 14. Re: Assasin Pro

    I assume you are saying;


    1. no to sources confirming nerf assassin pro?

    2. no to final exec authority rests with 402?


    If so thank you, if otherwise would still appreciate sources as they would be helpful.


    Will assume "no" and "no" in event of no response. Cheers

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    There isn't really any other perks worth using because you'll only be at a disadvantage.


    Blast shield? Nope.

    Quickdraw? Use untill level 27.

    Hardline? Most people use support so hardline isn't even needed.

    Overkill? Assault rifles dominate so you only need one weapon.


    "Bling" should've came back as a red perk.

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    Such the BIAS!


    If you are aggressive that's fine, thats actually the way i like to play.... Check my perk set ups i will always have Assassin but I NEVER Camp!! NEVER!!.... But i can understand that the ASS. perk is a very OP..... Look Nothing I mean NOTHING counters it....... NOTHING. Not even AUAVs, really????? I could actually understand Baby Monitors but AUAVs.... DONT say "well spy drones can uncloak you" NO, stupid spy drones take ONE player out of the game completely while he PILOTES the damn thing.... Waste of time... It should be AI assisted like the pavelow or attack heli. that would be fair and cool!!!


    Nerf the ASS perk, the game would be better...

    That would get those damn noobs and cheezers moving around...


    Im starting to think its one of those Noob elements they put in the game so that it help new comers. You know thats why the FMGs (For Mindless Gamers) The Type Noobied and the Striker are soooo good... they are trying to give the Noobs Tools to win.....


    Noob Tools!

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    I love how people automatically associate Assassin (or Ghost) with camping. The 2 issues are totally seperate.


    A camper will camp regardless of the perks, as that is his playstyle.


    An assassin user is by definition NOT a camper, in fact most people using it are very mobile players.


    What makes me laugh the most is how people assume the assassin user was camping just because they didn't see his little dot move. How many of you have gone back in theatre and watched the assassin users game? I guess very very few of you. Whats even more laughable is the amount of people who blame assassin and campers for their deaths. You should know by now to check your corners, but instead you STILL run around blindly, STILL get killed repeatedly because there was no red dot to help you, and you STILL come here to complain about it!


    Rely on your minimap - expect to die by assassin users/campers


    Use your eyes - live longer and die less as you will see players instead of relying on red dots

  • 18. Re: Assasin Pro

    This perk should be rebalanced as it's currently too effective.


    It counters too many things automatically and permanently while is only countered by two things that have to be used manually and only work for a limited time.


    My suggestion:


    1. Marksman should work against Assassin Pro users, obviously. Makes no sense that Assassin Pro counters this perk and not the other way around.


    2. Advanced UAV should show Assassin Pro users.


    3. Heartbeat sensor  immunity should be removed from Assassin and moved to some other perk, like Blind Eye or Dead Silence.


    It's funny how defesive you Assassin users get when people point out how unbalanced the perk is. Telling people to "use their eyes" and "stop chasing red dots" are both terrible arguments. Asssassin Pro counters too many thinks without having any decent counters itself. That's why it's not balanced and should be nerfed. They need to add some counters that are not as situational and limited in supply. Like the ones I suggested.

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    did you read my SECOND line? "IF YOU ARE AGRESSIVE THATS FINE".... I mean that...But Ass. Pro is unbalnced because there is nothing to counter it... You us all your EYES all you want but when you are checking your corner the guy who is pops in front of you kills you...


    All Im saying is hey make counter to it then no one would have much ground to complain.. Correct?

    Yes they would prob find something else but hey they wouldn't complain about this Ass Pro AKA Noob Tool anymore!

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