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  • 110. Re: **The Official MW3 Multiplayer Feedback/Suggestion Thread**

    the main problem is the lag-make it an even playing field and people will be much happier and i will play MW3 again without having to worry about buying a new controller (after i throw it lol). objective games need to have defends and caps listed on the scoreboard

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    Whoever feels like it...Spam thread to fourzerotwo on his twitter. There is somme pretty decent suggestions in this thread. Please help out anyway you can.

  • 112. Re: **The Official MW3 Multiplayer Feedback/Suggestion Thread**

    Why have one of these threads.  IW/Activision do NOT listen to their players hell they don't even come to these forums.  Why would they the whole site sucks and runs like it was designed by a five year old.

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    I wish to provide feedback on the maps.. Maybe there should be a specific forum/thread for it... but I can't find one.


    Seeing as we have all paid for the game and some of us pay/paid for ELITE should we not have a bigger say in the game?


    It's my hope that the developers will do what bungie and 343 did with HALO and that is they asked the community for feedback on their maps and changed/removed and added according to that feedback.


    I will try to be constructive and brief with my map feedback


    My worst 3 maps in order of least favourite are:


    1. Fallen - Sniper's paradise, too clunky a map with too many objects in the way with not many clear pathways

    2. Bakaara - Again a sniper's paradise, too clunky with too many walls which you should be able to jump over but can't? And takes too long to get from one side of the map to the other with the poor spawning

    3 Downturn & Interchange - Just too many objects in the way, poor skyline meaning never able to get clear shots on air support


    My preferred maps in order of most favourite:


    1. Dome - Get straight into the action, Clear pathways, not too many objects in the way

    2. Arkaden - Again get straight into the action with clear pathways and not many objects in the way

    3. Underground - Again straight into the action with clear pathways and good sightlines with good levels for varying battle styles.


    Just my thoughts and curious to see other people's thoughts & comments.


    No need to flame me but flame suit on anyway

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    That is funny how you listed it like that because interchange is a great map for air support. My team has demolished the opponent with killstreaks. I can easily get pred, reaper, ac130 in that map. Fallen is also another great map same with bakaara. Arkaden is one of the worst next to the snow map for killstreaks because in the snow one you have the mountain blocking your view for a good 10 seconds and in arkaden you have building blocking your view for killstreaks. You probably just need more practice with killstreaks. Downturn is another bad killstreak map. unless the team is out in the open it is difficult to use killstreaks. Odd how yours is almost the opposite of mine. Curious on how you play.

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    I would like to see IW fix some of the inherent problems with this game.  DLC is great and all but I would like to see some issues that have been around for a very long time addresed.

    1. LAG, I am tired of constantly being beaten to death by one bullet kills from guns(AR LMG SMG) massive lag knifes and players that teleport small distances due to lag, making them almost impossible to hit.  The host system is old get dedicated servers.

    2. Spawns, what were you thinking?  With the almost constant development time the COD series gets I think that the game should be smart enough to know that spawning an enemy that I just killed or who was just killed 5 feet behind me IS NOT A GOOD IDEA.  But spawning a player inside an objective full of enemies just because that players team holds the objective should not happen.

    3.Balance.  IMO this game has gone far too easy on quickscoping.  I mean on my first try I could pick up  a stock AS50 and go out and get a positive K/D and I am a terrible quickscoper. Like in Lag Ops, quickdraw should NOT apply to Snipers and putting in SEMI-Auto snipers that can OHK from your nether regions up is just plain stupidity(you can get massive ROF off of these).  Also their should not be a sniper shotgun(looking at you Striker).  And for what the FMG9's do their recoil should prevent them from being on target for more than say 7 rounds.( I noticed LESS recoil with Akimbo than just with one of these).

    This now concludes my suggestions.

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    I can agree with the Akimbo FMG comment. One feels like it will jump completely up in the air, while duals will stay on Target easier.

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    There's a lot of good suggestions in here. Also kudos on this thread, it's almost impossible to get a serious thread going these days.


    As for the best things i've seen so far...


    Lag Compensation - I know this one is kind of up in the air. There's only so much you can do with internet connections these days. Whether it's fibre optic or copper wire, you're never going to get a consistent host with no lag. Let's face it though, any improvements would be fantastic.


    Sniping Points - I agree with whoever said this. Personally I LOVE sniping, but i don't class quickscoping as sniping. There's essentially two maps that you have any sort of sniping lines. Maps from World at War such as Seelow, Downfall and Cliffside we're absolutely fantastic for this. It's still possible to work your way around the map without being seen, but having that threat of being shot from long distance always helps.


    Party System - Now i don't really have anything specific to say here. Other than give us something else that promotes some sort of team work, something tactical that can help us. I was excited by ELITE that the Clan Operations would give us this but that's been a bit of a let down so far. I suppose we'll see when that's eventually released.


    Mute All / Mute Lobby Function - Enough said. I don't like listening to 'Timmy 12 Year Old' telling me what he intends to do to my family when i've killed him for the fourth time.


    Anyways, great thread.

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    You can lower the mic thing in the option menu, personally it's very low on my settings just to not hear those whinny voices 24/7.


    I love how when I'm having a good game, I get a "server timed out" error and derank a level or two along the way. Yeajh, Fix your crap ffs. People are still stealing kills as they time-out. Seriously how can this game be so buggy compared to mw2, it's beyond me.


    If the matchmaking picks a horrible host nearly everybody is fcked & what is up with the random lag spikes that happen then? My God how can you even sell this game when it has all these issues? In fairness it was all right allround, but that's because I play moderate, I know the host is still f-ucked or we all when you pick a bad host or people from all around the world start lag killing us..


    Less host stuttering & longer <50 ping searches are needed..

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    I agree with all points you made. We will just have to see with the new maps for Sniping. There are some decent vantage points, but mainly for GW.


    The connectivity issues, I hope will be addressed more than at the rate they are now. Yet I understand to a degree they have a lot of testing to do asfar as all the things they have to address. Let's just stay optimistic that they get in better shape than it is now. It is hard for me too. Yet I can only do what I can onmy end to make sure I amnot causing a problem with the connection.

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