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    I agree with all points you made. We will just have to see with the new maps for Sniping. There are some decent vantage points, but mainly for GW.


    The connectivity issues, I hope will be addressed more than at the rate they are now. Yet I understand to a degree they have a lot of testing to do asfar as all the things they have to address. Let's just stay optimistic that they get in better shape than it is now. It is hard for me too. Yet I can only do what I can onmy end to make sure I amnot causing a problem with the connection.

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    Lmao at the so called revenge spawns "fix" btw.. Bowling has the fantasy level of a 6 year old schoolgirl.

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    Can a Default Flip for XBox controllers be added. Where as the Trigger buttons can be flipped to the Bumper buttons? That would bea nice option added.

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    A couple of suggestion and adjustments IMO the game needs.


    As others have said akimbo weapons are too powerful. This is a secondary weapon and it should not be better that a submachine gun at close range. IMO you need to add an ADS penalty or make them less accurate. The fact you are holding each gun with one hand alone should impose that accuracy penalty.


    Spawn system, enough already said.


    Too many twisting pathways on some of the maps (Carbon for one) and none of the perch points in the urban maps like MW and MW2 had, that, if you dared take the chance, you could get to (like the crane on Highrise or Terminal rooftop). This I acknowledge is a tough balancing act as you don't want a snipers paradise but since they don't have the environment to hide in, the urban maps need these to give snipers a chance to be effective.


    Weapon choices based strictly on weight not predefined layouts with primary, secondary, etc etc. If I want two claymores at the expense of a secondary weapon or flashbangs, why not, as long it doesn't exceed a weight limit. And the more you carry the slower you run. That's already employed now but based on predefined layouts.


    The last is an incentive and thank you to the fans of the franchise that provide material suggestions that get incorporated into the game. A long time ago when I played Rainbow 6, the original developers (Red Storm then Ubisoft) use to take suggestions and incorporate them into the game as well. A couple of mine actually made it into Ghost Recon. The reticule changing colors when you targeted a teammate for one. It was a last minute addition that was not in the beta. I always though it would be cool if the developers, as a thank you to the contributors, would add their names as contributors in the credits.

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    people would just camp at the 3 spawn places though

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    I imagine you're a sniper or sniper like player (Assassin Flanking Silenced Shooter) but that is not the way I play the game and I feel levels that cater to snipers are detrimental to the actual game

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    I vote being able to remove names of other players in theater mode!!!!

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    What makes you say that? No, I don't use the snipers. Well for now at least. I have been doing challenges and started with assault rifles. I am almost done with all the assault rifles and then i will do smg. Personally I dont like quickscoping since its not realistic.

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    This game on PS3 needs a buff for the pregame lobby ticker when it gets to 10 seconds. It is inaudible at the moment.

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    I think a slight nerf of the spawn protection is needed for GUNS ONLY. If you are in a TDM and you are moving around the map and you catch someone coming back from respawn you can pump bullets in them and it acts just like they have Painkiller.


    You can clearly catch this in the Killcam. That they can take a lot of shots and it really doesnt affect them. Now this might be the connection problems on BOTH consoles, but I think it is protection. I can somewhat see the point for KS but not "Gun on Gun"


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