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Quickscoping  needs to be severly nerfed and the Striker needs work!!


Rob bowling I hope you read this damn post because I'm about fed up with quickscoping. Anything that gives another player an advantage over another is what...cheating! Not everyone can QS so that right there is a huge negative, If i get killed before I can even ADS there is a huge problem. You ban people for boosting, and for the token glitch (which by the hurts no one and does not give any advantage over another) but this is acceptable? QS'ers complain that "assault rifles need recoil, and the ump is overpowered" but lifting and accurately firing a sniper rifle likes its a handgun makes sense? If they had they own lobby where they could do that crap that would be fine,or a set of gametypes that did not allow QSing that would be cool too. Black ops had the right idea, it actually made QS'ers work for the kill just like the rest of us. The whole point I'm trying to make is if not everyone can do it, it's an advantage and not FAIR. The striker is just too damn overpowered, too much range and damage. You seemed to go o the other extreme from MW2 where the striker was useless. How about you try somewhere in the middle now.