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    1.FOV of 90


    2.remove headbob and other screen shakes


    3.remove flashes or make the screen go black(easier on the eyes)


    4.dont ruin sniping,if i open the scope i want the shoot to go to the middle


    5.use mw2 scope in animation


    6.remove knifing


    7.i would love if there were no secondarys,so you can have just one gun








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    [Removed by Moderator]

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    Hi Vahn,


    I haven't posted in the Black Ops forums in a while so I decided to pop over & bring up some ideas/improvements to their next title. Basically, I'm looking at the positive & negatives aspects of both Black Ops & MW3 which hopefully you can implement again or just completely remove.


    - No Deathstreaks/Second Chance: Sorry Vahn, I and I'm sure many others just don't support any sort of reward system for dying as both a perk or a deathstreak. If you want to help players, give them an improved combat training where they can play against smarter AI bots (similar to Survival Mode) & possibly implement them in objective game types.


    - No secondary machine pistols - Considering a game like Battlefield doesn't provide their players a secondary machine pistols on massive maps, I don't understand the concept of giving a secondary machine pistol on COD's small/medium sized maps.

    Keep it simple. Give the player the option of a pistol or a launcher whether it's a tube, RPG or air support launcher. Black Ops went in the right path of correcting this from MW2. MW3 went on the wrong path to bringing back secondary machine pistols.


    - COD Points: Not a fan of COD Points to be honest. I think MW3's levelling up system to be a bit more fun & I enjoy levelling up my weapon by using it rather than buying it from Level 4. But COD Points can be improved by joining the MW3 & Black Ops levelling system to form a levelling system that both anti-COD Points & pro-COD Points can both enjoy.


    - Weapon Proficiencies: Liked the idea from MW3. Gives the player the freedom to add a bonus to their weapon whether it's less recoil, less flinch or 2 attachments. I hope to see it return in your next title


    - Character Customization: Don't need it to be honest unless you're looking to really pushing the boundaries on customizing your player


    - Player Emblems: Like Character Customization, I didn't like the concept of generating your own player emblem. I preferred earning my titles/emblems through completing challenges.


    - Game Modes: Kill Confirmed & Team Defender are a gem from MW3. Bringing back our most loved game type from WAW, "War" would be an added bonus.

    Remove Demolition - I don't think it's a worthy game type & cannot work in a COD game looking back at Black Ops & MW3. The reason "Rush" works in BF is because of the larger maps & the fact that bomb sites move to different positions. It's a progression game mode which COD as a whole cannot provide due to static spawn & small maps.


    Controversy of Snipers: As a anti-quickscoper, I do support Black Ops sniping over MW3 sniping but without the modifications added. All you have to do is remove "SOH Pro/Quickdraw" off snipers. Give them the one-hit kill but don't give them a faster ADS perks, basically COD4/WAW sniping.


    Controversy of Ghost/Assassin/Blind Eye & UAV Spam -


    Anti-Assassin players complain about Assassin/Ghost & Blind Eye

    Pro-Assassin players complain about UAV Spam because UAV's are easy to attain.


    Solution: Please both sides.


    For the Anti-Assassin players - place Assassin/Blind Eye in the same perk tier. Compete them with other perks that are deemed worthy


    For the pro- Assassin players - Personal UAV & Team UAV. Personal UAV's are unlocked after the 4th pointstreak. The Counter UAV is in the same tier as the Personal UAV.


    The Team UAV is unlocked after your 6th pointstreak.


    Also, shooting down UAV's count towards your pointstreak like MW3


    Sitrep Pro/Hacker Pro can detect UAV's in red (like enemy equipment) so it's easy to locate UAV's. In MW3, sometimes I'm spinning with my stinger looking for that UAV which can discourage players to take down UAV's.


    Shotguns: MW2 shotguns were excellent. Problem was that they were secondaries. Learn from MW2's shotguns. Don't give the akimbo like the Rangers/Model 1887 but develop shotguns that are stable & worth using. Give them more attachments like "Dragonsbreath" on a Spas-12 from the Black Ops campaign.


    Maps: I think Treyarch have a gift for map design, something that IW don't have so far in MW3. Apart from Array, Crisis, Hotel & Nuketown, I enjoyed the other maps. Despite the bad spawns in the first few months of Black Ops release, you improved it significantly. But please put some colour in your maps like Stadium, Hazard etc. Less of the dull coloured maps, in with the brighness & great aura of the maps


    Motion Sensors: I don't like motion sensors, doesn't fit in with COD in general in my opinion. Keep it simple. Tactical Equipment should be Flashbags, Concussions, Nova Gas etc. If I believe Motion Sensors don't belong, then you'll have to remove the Jammer as well.


    Leaderboards & Combat Record: Scoreboards should be based on Score Per Minute. MW3 screwed it up with the leaderboard system. The combat record was MUCH more advanced than MW3 leader board system.

    In-match leaderboards should include objective stats as well.


    Hope you get time to read this Vahn. I probably have alot to discuss but I'll come back to do it later.



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    First of all MW3 is my fav CoD i think the reason for this is the strike pakage system. for the next game i think it would be a good move to keep it in.

    Also Kill Comfermed, and Team Defender should be kept in the next game, or some kind of veration of them, just because they are so diffrent from other game types, the lobys are always packed and its a more relaxed atmosphere to other game types.


    However, there is a few concerns with ALL CoDs for example when you shoot at someone and they go into prone or "drop shoting" i just find this really iratating, it affects my enjoyment of the rest of the match. Also i have noticed this about the Xbox version there is alot of useless chater on the airways if it could at all be posable to do something about this, i know there would be alot of people who would really like that.


    And i'd love to see in the game a game type like infected.


    the hardcore is pretty spot on, however if you get shot in the foot you die straight away, if it was possable i would like to see it a tad more realistic.


    my fav map on any cod is nuke town, i think there needs to be more vearation in the size of the maps, (and i know alot of people are asking of tanks and stuff) maybe on the larger maps they could be included so that  it will offer just a diffrent online experiance.


    i feel that the MW CoD's got a bit boring because it was the same thing, every game.

    Now i know this would never happen, but i'd think it would be really cool to have like a nepolinic game, it would be incredable, and there are no (good) games like it for xbox,PS3,Wii, for the PC there are only real time games in that area not any first person shooters. i know it wont happen i jsut always wanted to tell someone my idea


    What ever is in the next cod im sure it will be amazing, best of luck lads


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    Don't screw the PS3/PC players this time.


    Give users of the forum a closed beta, so you're gurenteed to get feedback.


    Remove any form of Last Stand/ Second Chance.


    Remove deathstreaks.


    No machine Pistols


    Ghost split up into two perks while in the same tier.


    No copy-pasta guns


    Remove split screen, COD isn't a party game.


    http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZHiFKkUr4Ag @6:00


    Remove "Kick" and "Sway". No point in adding recoil/ ideal sway if Little Jimmie just puts on an easy-to-get profineicy and turns his AR into a laz0r beam.


    I personally think there shouldn't be any pointstreaks. Just return to the Assault only, non-stacking killstreaks.


    MW2 attachment/title and emblem unlock system PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE


    Reset Stats option, but keep all emblems +  an indication you have gone through all of the prestiges before.

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    Here is a point I think is worth pointing out...


    People have been saying that they want a game that goes back to more of a CoD 4 kind of style... I agree to a point, but I think I should put it out there that people are not saying we want less content. (i.e less Killstreak rewards, attachments, perks, etc...)


    What we are saying is that with content comes responcibility. What seems to happen is that developers add more content, but in turn mess up the tuning of it. They see the sheer, over-whelming amount of "stuff" as a way to over-take the argument of what is OP and what is not.



    A main problem that seems to be a recurring theme is that even though there is more content, each section (perks, KS's, attachments) almost always has a clear, and decisive winner. ONE of them always takes the cake. People who don't use them are punished. BLOPS did the best job out of all avoiding this theme I will give you that Vahn.



    MW3- Quickdraw or Assasin in teir 2. No way around it. If ou don't use that, yo will be at such a disadvantage, you can't even begin to bother using something else. I tried to play a match with hardline, and with 2 and 14. That's 2 kills and 14 deaths for the noobs.


    Why? UAV Spam (A MASSIVE, HUGE, LARGE, GINORMOUS, HUMUNGOUS PROBLEM), and people aiming down the sight almost twice as fast as I did. (I was using an ACR and the Scar)


    However I am straying a bit here... anyway. What I am saying is that we don't want less content. MW3 brought with it an awesome array of new stuff. It's up to YOU Treyarch to build upon that and make sure that you can devliver the same amount of innovation and content without sacrifising that content's quality as MW3 seems to have done. I want to be able to use whatever I want to use without feeling like I'm gonna get spanked around for using something differen.t I don't want to be bullied Vahn!

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    ok so finally got a working account again so I'm gonna put in my 2 pence. this might turn into a long post so I apologize in advanced


    So these days you hear a lot about how great MW was, but for me the greatest CoD was 3 this was the first in the series I played and I've been hooked ever since. Over the years I've seen evolution of CoD from the addition of customizable classes to killstreaks, but each time a new game comes out I still find myself a little more disappointed in the direction the game choose to take from the removal of vehicles to the instigation of quickscoping. So here's a list of the good things Treyarch have done over the years, hopefully some of these will make it back in the next edition.


    Black Ops


    SPM leaderboards - these were great as an objective player seeing my caps and defends was great


    Dolphin Dive - Great fun but maybe the option to toggle this on/off needs to be added


    Tomahawks - great Idea great mechanic


    Nuketown - great small map to play


    Hacker - excellent perk


    Masterkey - the best attachment on any AR


    Emblem Creater - Had great fun with this, of course you're gonna get people who abuse it but don't let them ruin it for the rest of us.


    ZOMBIES - loved it



    World at War


    Bolt Action Rifles - I had some good times with these and they had a sense of skill when using them


    Dome - Gotta love them small maps


    Shades - never has a player looked cooler then when wearing shades and holding a magnum


    Maps - the maps in WaW offered all players a chance wether you run and gun or snipe from a building


    War - What is it good for? absolutly everything! bring it back


    ZOMBIES - loved it



    Call of Duty 3


    Ranked and Player  - Splitscreen only allowed in player matches


    WAR - what it is good for? absolutely everything! BRING IT BACK


    Vehicles - I'm talking jeeps with 50cals, motorbike+sidecar and tanks, great fun, greatly missed


    Tanks - CoD3 tanks were a lot better then WaW tanks, easily taken out with a rocket or my favorite "hold X to mantle"


    Maps - where to start with such a diverse choice with classics like Les Ormes and Verdun to Stalag and my all time favorite CoD map Champs the thing that made these maps so good were the sheer size and complexity and they suited all styles of play.


    Medic - nothing says team player more then a medic



    Other things I'd like to see or not see


    Hardcore - All we want is what you give to core players a good choice of game types, rules for team killers should be 3 and your out not includingkillstreak kills, Ricochet on SnD only, hop over to moarhardcore or MHCGM if you have any questions


    Community Playlist - I mentioned this in quite a few post but it never happened, my idea was a bit different to what IW did, Forum would vote ongametype what perks/weapons would and wouldn't be included, changes every month


    Multi-team games - something to change the game up a little Team v Team is getting tedious, I'm thinking 3 team King of the Hill, 3 team 4 flag Dom, 2 v 2 v 2 v 2 TDM/KC


    Quickscoping - Leave it out of main multiplayer it's ridicules and cheap


    M203 aka The n00b tube - It's had it's day please refrain from putting it in the game


    Open Beta - gives us a chance to find things that need to be changed BEFORE the game gets a proper launch

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    A few things I missed and a few more ideas


    Fading objective markers - keep them MW fails because they didn't include this


    another game mode Idea, I know CoD has to be made to suit the casual gamer but there is no reason why you can't cater for the more experienced gamer at the same time, what I'm proposing is basicly a HC most pit but with limitations on certain weapons to increase gun on gun battles and stop people just walking around with n00b t00bs and rockets which most HC players will agree just ruins the game, I original posted this for MW3 but have made adaptions for black ops.



    Game types - All objective game modes


    HUD - Hardcore


    Weapon Damage - Hardcore



    Disabled weapons/attachments


    Grenade Launcher

    China Lake

    Law (maybe change to lock-on only?)




    Disabled Perks


    Second Chance (It's Hc there are no second chances)



    Deathstreaks - Disabled


    Strike Package, tactical and lethal grenades - Unchanged


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    -I would really like to see a map filter option. I'm not saying put me into a lobby that has a particular map banned from a playlist, but at least give those of us who hate playing nuketown for the 2986th time an option to not play it.


    -Second Chance/Death streaks/anything that lets you do something other than spawn after being killed: NEEDS TO GO


    -No machine pistols for secondaries. Maybe a primary more specialized than SMG's?


    -KEEP CHALLENGES!!! I love how many challenges there always are in Treyarch games. This usually encourages me to keep playing.


    -For equipment can there be options to toggle between credits and standard level up for weapons?


    -Anti-Killstreak and anti-radar in same tier plz. Or at least force all three perks for a "complete stealth" package.


    -Community playlist would be fun


    -Non-stackable killstreaks


    -Stat track: Average K/D of player killed. (No more 3.0 k/d's bragging about how they can stomp newbie lobbies)


    -HC: 3 team kills and then ask for ban. 3 teamkills in one killfeed = auto-kick

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    Just to add.


    If blackops is going to work with elite, keep it free. Only thing you should get from "Premium" should be discount DLC. I would hate to see all the stat tracking leave blackops and force you to use an app or go online just to see stats. Also is stupid to 'pay' to be a clan.


    You shouldn't need elite at all, keep it all in the game.


    I posted this in another thread but i'll post it again. It's dumb you have to go register at game battles and set up games through them to play competitively. Make a competitive play list. Keep the solo players and teams seperate. Give a player a rating. Give clans a rating.


    For this to work this playlist would need pretty strict rules. You start the game, you play the game. You back out, you get reported. You troll a team, you get reported. Enough reports you can have your rating reset or be banned from the playlist. Games also should not throw players into games already in progress. If a team backs out, they forefit.