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Ok i am going to be honest now i aint that good at fps games i play them because they can be fun. i have a K/D of 0.85 (i dont care about my K/D) win/loss 30-40%. iv tried drop shotting and i cant do it i end up making my gun go up in the air and looking like a **** i cant QS to save my life (thank god) atm i am prestige 5 level 74 160plus hours played iv never had a good K/D i have a friend who is 11 his K/D is 2.05. my highest killstreak is 15 i want to be a better play but i dont know how  or where to start i like using quickdrawk and SoH pro but i cant cope with out assassin pro as everyone with a UAV up sees me i think thats y i am kinda good at battlefield 3


    You can't be good at everything you try man.  Don't sweat it.  If you're having fun keep playing, if not don't let it bother you.  Find something else to do instead.  Think about any hobby that people try/start.  Not everyone can be good at sports, not everyone can play the guitar well.  Some might be decent at some of the things they try while others will be amazing at it, even with a lot of time trying it.


    Some basic tips to help though


    - Slow down and move with a purpose.  I'm not saying sit in a corner, but before you advance anywhere make sure you know the coast is clear, check all your areas.  Have an idea where you want to go.

    - Learn the maps.  Know where people spawn, know the choke points, heavy traffic areas, etc.

    - Find what game mode works for you.  You may just be playing a game mode that doesn't suit you.  I am horrible at S&D, I don't play it unless I'm just messing around with friends.

    - Use any gun that allows you to do well.  Don't worry about what is OP or cheap.  Use what gets you kills.



    Honestly at the end of the day though don't worry about it.


      Aim down the sights when you enter a room or go around a bend or a corner..  do that every time...


      it helps a ton!!!!!!!!


      Use semtex and learn how to throw it accuratly.. 


      you can hide behind an object and lob it just right


      Good sound advice there.I think the most important thing is learn the maps ,if you have a friend that is good just sit and watch them play for a couple of hours and you will learn how to play better but most important as long as YOU  enjoy it who cares its a game.


        smokesdope wrote:


        Good sound advice there.I think the most important thing is learn the maps ,if you have a friend that is good just sit and watch them play for a couple of hours and you will learn how to play better but most important as long as YOU  enjoy it who cares its a game.


        Indeed, Wiggy going to add to that...




        What I find invauble is my portable radar great for finding campers in buildings etc and in this COD they are easy to hide and alot of people either dont see them or ignore them as i hardly ever get them destroyed and use ure mini map dont stare at it constantly but have a quick look at it every say 10 sec and you game should improve .


    -use a silencer. use assassin. stay in cover and move from cover to cover. running across an open area is not advisable.

    -use support killstreaks since you probably don't run up high streaks that often. i recommend flak vests, SAM, recon drone. learn how to use the recon drone to your team's advantage AND YOUR OWN. lots of clever players think as soon as a drone shows up on screen it means a free kill. guess what, YOU have the drone and can see where you launched it from. watch YOUR BACK too. if someone is approaching, exit the drone and SURPRISE, free kill.

    -use stingers and shoot down everything in the sky. lots of XP and you're helping your team way more than you may know.

    -learn the maps and where the choke points, camping spots and high traffic areas are.

    -as was mentioned, get good at throwing tacs and frags/semtex. a well-cooked frag is better than semtex IMO.

    -don't always ADS. firing from the hip is effective if your shots register before the enemy has a chance to fire on you. scope in after you acquire the target to finish them off.

    -get a decent headset! use dead silence. this is guaranteed to improve anyone's game significantly. you'll be amazed if you don't already play with one.


    most of all, have fun. it's just a game and that's the point. fun! cheers


    Let me preface my comments by saying that I'm no self proclaimed pro, but I am a pretty avid FPS player and gamer that has been playing FPS's sine the CS 1.6, quake days. I also have a 2.01 K/D atm so I like to think I should at least have some good tips to offer.


    1.) Slow your game down - I know it is tempting to rush back into the fight because you want to get kills really bad, but bullrushing into a room will only get you killed, be calm and calculated with everything you do. Move with purpose.


    2.) Move from cover to cover - This game is litered objects and things to hide behind. Don't jsut run straight up the middle of a hallway, zig zag from box to box or at the very least hug the wall or crouch.


    3.) Use headglitching - Wheather your moving or standing still, try and keep some sort of object between you and your potential enemy, having only your head sticking out is much harder to hit than your entire body.


    4.) Refine your aim - Doesn't need much explanation but make an active effort to improve the accuracy and quickness of your aim. I personally find it helpfull to focus on using the left thumbstick as well to help aim. When adjusting your aim horizontally, dont' neglect the usefullness of simply straffing left to right as opposed to turning your aim. Its actually easier many times to find tune your aim that way.


    5.) Use your tactical nades a lot - if you feel like you may be a sitting duck walking into a room that you must go in, or that you know an enemy is waiting around the corner, use a flashbang. You can also use them to scout a room by looking to see if you get indicators, thereby revealing the presence of an enemy. Also use them to by yourself time to reload or finishing caping an objective.


    6.) Experiement with different guns/loadouts - Sometimes you might find you really like a gun or perk that you typically would have never tried. I for one never used to use silencers because being someone who likes good bullet damage and long distance shooting, I figured it would be hinderance, however, it has helped me a lot by allowing me to remain stealthy when I kill an enemy with his teamate nearby.


    7.) Really learn the maps - know the sight lines and the camp spots, and the flow of the map, like the back of your hand. By knowing camp spots you can be sure to check your corners where and when appropriate. Know the common paths players take and know the layouts really well. This will not only allow you to find kills easier but It will allow you to have your gun raised and already pointing at the right spot before you even start turning the corner.


    8.) Don't rush objectives - Don't camp but don't rush. Instead of aimlessly running in to cap B, check the area first, kill any nearby enemies, and or wait for support from your teamates. If you watch any pro match, you will notice that before picking up the flag or caping a domination point, they do a quick scan of the area to make sure no enemies are waiting nearby.


    9.) Be aware of spawns - This sort of goes along with #7 but always be aware of where you are on the map, where your teamates are on the map, and where the enemy is currently located. By paying attention to player movement on both sides, you can start to predict where the spawns and enemies will be at and coming from.


    10.) Watch your back - Before you preceed to camp or move down a halllway, quickly check behind you or down any alternative path that an enemy might be coming down. You don't want to have an enemy kill you from behind that you would have seen had you taken the 2 second to turn and peek down the hallway to your right.


    I watched a Blops video a while back that gave me some good tips. I'm no pro but here's what I've done to improve my game.


    1) Slow down - I can't tell you how many times I've killed someone running around a corner. They're easy prey because it takes them longer to pull up their gun and aim when yours is already up and aiming.


    2) Get your thumb out of your arse - By this I mean stop using your right thumb trying to aim while firing. Use your LEFT instead, straffing left or right to make the fine adjustments needed to land lead on the target. I found when using my right thumb I would consistently over-aim and miss target. This works especially well for medium to long-range targets.


    3) Find cover - Always reload and/or call in air support behind cover. I used to reload while moving through the mape and I found myself always getting caught with my pants down... meaning I was always mid-reload and couldn't do a thing about it.


    4) Use theater - Go back and review your games. Look for your mistakes and learn from them. Also, look at how the pros play, they use some very good tactics.


    5) Look up - When going back and looking at my games I noticed I was always looking down at the ground when running. I guess I was watching my step or something but what was happening was when I did see the enemy I'd have to pull up the crosshairs from the ground before I could aim. That took time and I would lose a lot of gun battles. When I move through the map I'll keep my crosshairs at about the height were I would be expecting someone if they were to pop out from a corner, or appear down map.


    6) Use your teammates - This is going to sound shitty but if you have a teammate near you, use them as fodder. Let them go into a room first, let them run out in the open first. In doing so you'll expose the tracer rounds from the enemy shooting at them, then pop out and shoot back.



    7) Don't stack - Building off of that I try to stay out from behind my teammates. When going through a door or moving through the map I will never be behind them. I was getting killed by fire that was meant for the guy in front of me, that traveled through him into me. So don't stack, it's an easy way to get yourself killed.




    Overall there's some really good stuff in here. Thanks everyone.