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Recurring Threads : STOP and READ!


Ok COD players, there is a trend that has continous to be extremely annoying and provides nothing useful to this COD forum.


They are:

  1. DLC Content: YES, Microsoft has PAID Activision to release the DLC contact before PS. Is it annoying? Do you feel ripped off? Why are you being screwed? WHO Cares, it's something you nor IW can address. Have you ever heard of the term "Money Talks". Get over it, or buy another game.
  2. Camping: WOW, I'm sick and tired of reading on the forum how people continuously give it importance. Yes it happens, yes its annoying, yes it will continue, No you can't avoid, Yes you will be killed by one. I created a thread on un-covering hiding spots, and few shared there experiences, so we all need to deal with it, that one dude hiding in a corner, in a building, what ever. Let me make this clear, the more attention you give the camping issue the more people are going to do it. Why? Because so many complaints about it causes the buzz and boom another Camper is born.

Update: 03/20/2012: The topics continue,  do people not realize that these issues have been beat to a pulp in many conversations with no conclusion! Its like politics at this point!


Please read 1 and 2 to those who are completely new to this forum.


Happy Hunting Cod.