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QS over powered?

I hear people on the forums complain about this and tbh it's a border-line retarded accusation. 80% of QS is putting your self in a good position where you have an advantage, the rest is basic timing and just lining up your shot. Most good sniper's are beast with reg guns as well. When people call QS cheap it's sort of sad that they get owned so much when they're so easy to kill.


Example: I am not a very good player at all, pretty average. I go 47-3 (moab) in KC against a bunch of QS just running around like a chook with no head. I didn't upload this and I don't know why someone on my friends list stole it but he did and it's poor quality so dislike all you want http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CzPcxtYh8J8&list=UUh7D63rpcC_9M_guEVvKjKg&index=1 &feature=plcp


If QS is so over powered then how can an average player like me dominate them so hard with 0 tactics? I admit it's annoying to die by though, watch first death.

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    no its just what weak players call skill

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      All the talk of QS and i have only been QScped one time since i bought this game on NOV 8th. There just isnt the same amount as there was im MW2. I think it is cheap but then again if i could do it myself i might have a different opinion.

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        Keep playing... I run into them everyday.

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        Wow only once? I really don't get QS'd much except for when I'm doing it. For some reason when someone does it, the whole lobby starts, same with shotguns. I hate getting shot by a sniper though, QS, NS, HS anything. I think that is what annoys people about QS not even being able to react a lot of the time. Same applies to shotguns, some guy spraying a striker on dome is hard to deal with unless you're doing the same.


        Most annoying sniper death, NS through a wall when I was one off a moab. I cried inside.

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          You can go back to MW2 and see this same phenomenon.  You could play a few games with generally the same people and have no n00btubers.  As soon as one person started using one, the whole lobby switched to n00btubing and QSing.


          You simply needed somebody else to start it so you could blame "Random Person" for using one first when you were in the lobby.

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            It doesn't always happen with sniper rifles though. A lot of people don't have classes with them on. It's odd though, if I play a game of FFA and I dominate, 2-3 people will change their class making sniping classes. Sort of stupid considering they couldn't win with reg guns.