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Detailed guide to the MK14!

Aye, perhaps one of the most underrated weapons in the game. I didn't like it the first time I picked it up (in the early days of MW3) because it kept jamming. However, I decided to give it a second chance yesterday and it worked really well for me.  I cover many things relating to this weapon and test several features such as proficiencies and and damage over range. I also test the significance of the rapid fire attachment. However, I can summarise with 3 main tips for success with this weapon:



1) Fire slowly at longer ranges. Yeah, it's kinda obvious, but this weapon does jerk upwards considerably at longer ranges. So instead of spamming the trigger button in the hope of getting lucky, control your spots. Aim for the head, as this weapon is a headshot machine and, at certain ranges (demonstrated in the video), it will kill enemies in one shot to the head. Great for killing head glitchers, campers and the likes.



2) Use an offensive secondary with which you can rely. Don't go running out into tight CQC areas with the MK14...it was the worst hipfire spread of all the assault rifles. Luckily, it has a short drop time, meaning that you'll be able to switch to your secondary with some speed. I'd recommend the MP9 as it is great for CQC encounters, but also has significant capabilities at slightly longer ranges.



3) My favourite and most successful approach with this weapon is a stealthy one; i.e. using Assassin and a silencer. I tend to manoeuvre around the edge of the map, picking people off and then moving on. The weapon has great iron sights in my opinion, so it doesn't require an optic sight, allowing me to use a more useful proficiency such as Kick or Flinch. I don't use rapid fire as I have become familiar with the weapon's RoF limitations and rarely over-step the threshold. However, if love to spam the fire button or want to make full use of your trigger finger, try rapid fire.



Please include your tips/classes as well