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Be smart. Show what gamers can do when upset

Trust me and read till the end. It will be worth your 10minutes. I promise


Every ocean started with a drop of water.

Every project started with a single thought

Every fight began with a very small misunderstanding or provocation.

Every election begins with one vote.


My advice, the desire for instant gratification only ruins your cause.


Now to the cause


1: Do not purchase their map packs.

    Simple, I understand what it takes to develop software. I own two social networking applications on mobile platforms (I obviously cant name them) and I funded them out of pocket. I spend more time scouring my email for feedback from customers and friends. Funny thing is its free and will stay so. I have spent an extra 2000$ in fixes just these past two months. Again out of pocket. I make 15$ an hr and some commision. Im not even remotely rich. Why is this relevant? I own my company and my employees are in Texas. I live in California. When you have a product you have created you take care of your customers. I despise dev's who treat customers as problems. Yes you can not satisfy all customers but when your satisfaction ratio lies below 60% you need to reasses. How can you announce a paid content when you have huge problems with your current version. I find it shameful. If you continue to be vocal with your wallet then you will not teach them a thing.


2: Elite.

    This only validates my previous point. Please do not worry if you purchased this product or the hardened edition. (I did not. I usually take a wait and see approach on new things). You are not a sucker for doing so. You are great fans and supported your game of choice. You've been stung by these guys and the good news? You will be making an even better judgement call next year.

    Do not purchase this product till they fix their game. You will only give them ammunition (no pun intended) they want to bypass you having the option to choose on purchasing or not. They are transitioning right now and expanding their studios like they did with Guitar Hero. It's not been so long ago I remember the beef they had with bringing in treyarch for the series. Took Treyarch a long time do catch up. And I may not even like black ops but I think they finally found a good formula. Why is this important? Compare what happened between Redoctane and Treyarch. Below

    Redoctane makes a breakthrough game Activision publishes and it prints money (metaphor). Activision steps in and changes how red octane releases their game (content and all). Redoctane resists and Activision shuts it down. Floods the market and the rest is history.

    Infinity Ward makes a game (we know what happened at EA.), it's a breakthrough in its own right. It sells well, Activision steps in once again and decides to change the rules. Infinity ward resists, activision ignores their plight. Move forward 4 years, They want to make a modern series, activision resists Infinity ward does not relent. What happens? They create a beautiful game. The series expands its fanbase and prints money. During this timeline Activision brings in another studio to the dismay of the original creator. (this one can be argued in favor of activision as well as IW). But what follows is what always follows this kind of behavior, dysfunction, distrust and chaos. No one sits back and says lets reasses and get this right.


Now compare these two. When the developers wanted to create a good game they put their heads down and worked hard and the fans responded with their wallets. They did not beta test anyones wallet to take risks or solve in-office fighting.  Now we are left with people who don't have that kind of vision.

Realistically in life you need both perspectives. The ruthless money maker and the dedicated creative force. One should not supersede the other. What is happening here is the ruthless money maker has managed to run the creative force out of town.


The only person left is the customer. I work in customer relations and know when a company is cutting corners. Sign this if you not only agree but will vote with your wallet. With enough votes I will take the fight even more public. And you will not spend a dime but will gain from the results.



By the way if they fix the game I will back off.

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