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Call Of Duty:Ultimate - Infinity Ward/Treyarch Please Read

Call Of Duty:Ultimate is the next step for Call of duty. It comes with 10 maps from each of the previous 5 titles, thats 50 maps so even if you dont buy any map packs your'll have plenty to do! Its also a new game with a difference, ALL map packs from MW1, W@W, MW2, BLACK OPS & MW3 work and are compatible with Call Of Duty Ultimate so just for starters that's 9 multiplayer map packs without counting any MW3 map packs! Next up is map packs containing all the original maps from the aforementioned COD titles not packaged with Ultimate AND a new way to play them all. This new COD will essentially be all previous games combined, you will have the ability to go play in the style of any of the mentioned titles and work through the prestige system from each COD whilst using those perks, weapons, killstreaks etc but whilst not being limited to the maps from just 1 title. Ever wanted to call in the dogs on wetwork or play dome only with the MW1 killstreaks & weapons or call in a juggernaut on vacant? the list is endless... To try & summarise this idea you get the multiplayer career from each title BUT you get to do so on the maps of them all! Everyone has their favourite game/maps/set of weapons etc etc and this would give people the opportunity to try stuff they have probably already thought would be good. There are 6 multiplayer careers to complete, 1 from each of the 5 previous titles and a NEW multiplayer career which allows the use of EVERY weapon, perk, killstreak, feature from all titles whilst playing multiplayer so anything goes!


This would also be very very good for IW/TRE/BEACHHEAD/ACT and just as importantly, us the COD community. I'll explain why. It'll be good for all producers of all the different titles as sales of older map packs will pick up and that's more money for them for a product they have already made and paid for and then they could release 'original maps' packs and only thing that would need to be done is to convert the disc based maps into DLC packs. It'll also be good for the COD community as they will be able to play old favorites that they cant use without returning to a older title.  Another way of looking at is free map packs for a new cod game for the loyal customers who have followed this franchise for several years now and have bought map packs already & we would feel like we were getting a little something back & would only enhance the reputation of the producers of these games. It would just take a new game which is compatible with the previous titles, I don't know if this is even possible but i've been talking to some friends and they think its a awesome idea. I think that this could lead to the games we all want and COULD quite possibly be the future of COD! Please check out the link below for my reasoning.




Anyways I hope someone who has the ability to implement/create such a thing reads this & if they do then thank you for your time. To the rest of you guys, what do you think to the idea or whether this is even possible? Please like this if you like the idea thank you.