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Amazing how PC users are getting threated.

This is my first post here, and while i'm not usually the person that will whine about a game, but this time i feel like things are getting out of hand.

The amount of bullshit PC users have to take is amazing, the x-box and PS3 kiddies are getting all the goodies, all the benefits while the publishers/developers basicly tell pc users "thanks for your €65, now gtfo".


While the PC has allways been the mother of all gaming platforms in terms of fps it seems consoles are pushing the PC away, i'm fine with that, but at least make sure every platform gets the same treatment, dont give us any security BS about the pc not being safe to get Elite.

Basically you are saying the beachhead development team is to incompetent to create Elite for PC.

If you cant give all platforms the same content/options then dont release it for that given platform, i have payed for this game as good as the console players and therefore i have the right to demand the same functions/content.


Here's some easy solutions to the problems pc users are facing...

-Slap your development team for being the incompetent people they are, if they are unable to secure elite against hackers they need to get their ass out, get a new team.

-Do not release it for pc if you cant give us the same content as consoles.

- Separate console players from PC players, and give PC players decent dedicated servers, not the excuse you call dedicated servers now, but servers that can run banlists, plenty of games have been succesfull by doing this (oh right they're using punkbuster).


And as a last one:


You should give your pc players some love, as without them the Call of duty franchise would never have been what it is now, i doubt it would even exist if it wasn't for the PC users.