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MW3 Works Fine 4 ME


I don't understand why people keep complaining about MW3 being unplayable. I am able to play it just fine. It doesn't run AS SMOOTH as MW2, but it's pretty damn close. As much fun as I had with Black Ops, I must say THAT is a laggy game with some serious connection issues. I understand MW3 has it's issues, but the ones I've experienced aren't that serious; more annoying if anything.


1. Friendly grenade warnings (this is plain stupid as has gotten me killed severalX)

2. Sometimes uncontrollable predator missle

3. Loud alien-abduction-like sounds coming out of my speakers

4. Cluttered maps with too many air space blockage (I carry a Stinger)

5. Poor spawn logic (which I feel causes otherwise non-campers to camp)

6. There may be a few others I'm forgetting


Overall, I think it's a great game with bugs that can and should be fixed. Post launch it was infested with lag. But that has almost disappeared completely; at least for me it has. I would hate to think there are some still experiencing these problems. If so, IW/SH needs to figure out the issues and rectify them immediately.



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    I Agree friend.


    Lag can be expected with any new release. Nature of the beast.

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    ofc it doesn´t run as smooth as mw2 yet, but those videogames needs to be fintuned and that takes time by the spawns... and better maps are probs coming in the DLC I think its one of the best cod games ever

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    ofc it doesn´t run as smooth as mw2 yet, but those videogames needs to be fintuned and that takes time by the spawns... and better maps are probs coming in the DLC I think its one of the best cod games ever

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    sry for spamm it was an accident... :-O

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    Moon Head 92

    MW3 runs just as smooth for me, if not better than mw2, and that's why i could never go back to mw2, if just for a couple of hours... for me the two cod's i play are mw3 and black ops, sure both have problems but i try to overlook that, as all games have them. I'm glad we got mw3, it's exactly what i wanted, smooth gun on gun gameplay, no getting tubed every 2 seconds, sure the spawns may have been bad at the beginning, but they do seem to have improved imo.


    The maps aint great, but they're bearable, for me mw3 maps were like black ops at the beginning, 1 or 2 maps for sniping and the rest other styles, and Liberation does look like a promising map, and Piazza looks a favela style, which is good. Went a bit OT sorry.


    People moan about spawns in mw3, yet they were just as bad and if not worse in mw2... but the thing we need to understand, is while it may run smooth for us, for others it's not too good, unfortunately.


    By the way i lagged like crazy for the 1st month and it was pretty unplayable, but these updates do have seem to improved the game for me.

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    Decent post, and agree with what your saying, I've never thought of the spawning system as a camper generator but it makes sense. I sometimes experience lag, but its far and in between. I hear you with the predator missile, lately it starts with no red markers available.

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      It's not traditional game-breaking lag which most peopple say makes the game unplayable - it's the lag compensation. When you're on the wrong side of lag comp, the game actually runs very smoothly but you're actually a second or so behind other players. This results in other players seeing you before you see them. For instance, you will be running along and all of a sudden you just drop dead. What happened was that someone came around the corner and pumped your body full of lead while you seemingly stood there like an idiot. You had no idea anyone was even there. Converesly, they get the drop on someone and empty a clip into him to no avail. That's because he's shooting at where the player was and not where he is now. There's no rubber-banding, teleporting etc... that you see with traditional lag. The game looks like it's running perfectly smooth.


         THAT is what is making the game unplayable for so many people.

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    well im happy for you...that makes 1 person the game plays fine for...but as stated above me by Bleak...im consistantly 2-3 seconds behind people and no its not my internet connection. speedtest says im at 10-14ms and 35mb down adn 10up(bay area cali so not a lack of players).....although i appear to pull host constantly which SUCKS! I still consistantly die from ghosts then watch the replay and wow he turned the corner put 3/4's of his mag into me its like WTF!?


    for me sad but homefront played better for me....they need ded servers.

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    I think MW3 is great - it runs SO much smoother than Black Ops and yet has higher res graphics.  The maps for some reason aren't the greatest but hopefully the DLC will give us more variety.


    I'd give MW3 a 8 or 9 out of 10.


    To get a 10 Activision has to give PS3 users an install option so the game won't beat our Blu-Ray drives to death.  Such a simple thing we've been asking for since MW2 - and still nothing.

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    I jumped back on Black Ops for some perspective on the issue, and I have to say that Black Ops was much worse connection wise for me. In every game on Black Ops there was some noticeable lag. In MW3, 6 out of 10 games play almost perfect for me. 2 out of 10 games have some lag here and there and the last 2 out of 10 games are nearly unplayable because I'm either host or I get dumped in a lobby with a foreign host. 80% of the time this game runs pretty well for me, and even during the nearly unplayable times it isn't absolutely horrible.


    I honestly have no issues with the MW3. I like the small maps, I like the spawns and I like the weapons and killstreak spam. It really keeps everyone on an even playing field. In Black Ops and previous CoDs, that guy camping in a corner would get a high killstreak and essentially put the game out of reach. I cant tell you how many times my team has been down like 35-10 in Kill Confirmed, and then I end up throwing up a Reaper and Pavelow and we get a comeback win, and this same situation has happened the other way around where I am just hammering the other team with air support, only to have them drop an EMP and they turn the tides with air support of their own.


    I have a blast playing this game, and there are some definite issues, but I don't find any of them to be game breaking. Lag compensation screws me every once in a while, but I am sure it works in my favor from time to time as well. Overall, I think the reason why people are so dissapointed with MW3 is because they fell for the hype. This was pitched as the perfect FPS, and it isn't. There is no such thing as a perfect FPS, there is always going to be a group that isn't happy with the game. I thought Black Ops was amazing when it first came out, but as they started to patch things like the AK74u and add quickscoping, I thought the game got worse and worse. Its impossible to please everyone, but so far I have been pleased with MW3 and I'm happy to see others like it as well.

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    It's understandable that many people are actually getting to play the game like it's suppose to be played, with little or no lag and just complaining about normal things like OP weapons and crowded maps. Like it has been done by many users on the wrong side of the lag, I had to dumb down my console's connection to the internet to make it playable, and it has worked decently (no ghost out of the corner, insta killed with 1 bullet, etc). I'm not a great player but I can tell the difference.

    After doing this, there has been something that I've noticed after occasionally becoming host, and it's a concern some have talked about before. The problem I've seen is that at this speed it might not be ideal to carry the host and I can many times hear the room complaining about lag and skipping all over. Now imagine everyone that has a constant host disadvantage doing the same things to avoid becoming host. This would mean that more and more people with not ideal connections would become hosts and creating crappy gameplay. This will probably not happen at a big scale because not everyone researches solutions, but it's still a crappy deal.

    Like I've said before, I don't want to have host advantage like MW2 did, but I also do not want any disadvantage. I do not care if I become a host if I could never tell the difference, which would be the ideal thing. This is only a dream lol. I think they have given up on this and don't care like they did in Black Ops, which is still unplayable for me.

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      Well, I sure hope that those issuses  adversely affecting your gameplay are identified by IW/SH and that they can apply an effective solution to the problem because this really is poised to be a great game, short of a few minor/borderline minor/major glitches.

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    Everything you said is how I feel. I have loved all previous COD titles and they have all had their annoying quirks.

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    To be honest I live this game but..,,


    B4 the last patch b4 Xmas i couldn't be on a level playing field with any one and was always a second behind,


    Then we had 2 weeks b4 Xmas an the game played sweet as a nut, then onwards from Xmas day I'm back to being one second behind again,


    I was hoping that we might have had another patch since its been two weeks since Xmas to help fine tune things again now we got extra traffic but nope,


    I'm not bashing them or anything but this should be expected by now and I think they really have dropped the ball on this one,



    Don't get me wrong I might find a lobby that ok for 1 maybe 2 games but then it all goes to shlt and I have to leave and search again which might take 4 or 5 games of real bad lag b4 I get another 1 or 2 good decent games again,


    I'm not asking for much and yeah I don't mind dying more than I kill, I just wish they would die when I shoot them and for the kill can to show me actually landing the half of a clip I hit them with b4 they shoot me twice and I die



    I have had the game since day one and keep coming back and giving it a go, but for me it's getting to the point where I will give up and put battlefield back in and go play with my mates who never bought this version,


    And my lad feels the same and he even spent his Xmas money on the elite, seeing how well it played b4 Xmas :-(

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    Works flawlessly for me here in Australia. I agree Blops was a lot more laggy than this. I am founder and am looking forward to my DLC. The only thing that I am cut about is the fact that Elite is rubbish so far. It's very dissapointing that they can't dedicate someone decent to fixing all the flaws. I can't believe they have started cancelling competitions like the STRIKE A POSE chicken comp. Such an easy bit of code... Seriously, if you cant even get a website right...