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    Same here Signed (wont help but signed)

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    Signed......back from my apparent posting ban for saying similar things.

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    Vote to kick player ..signed!!!

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    Too bad it seems most community members don't come to the forums anymore, let alone the Dev team.

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    Seriously who made the call to have matchmaking with no ranked dedi's? Whoever made that decision is a moron. To me that was the tipping point for a lot of people I knew, who went and purchased BF3. Did you not see how full the ranked dedi servers are in Black Ops? Do you not see how successful it is in BF3?


    Why the hell would you force us to use matchmaking, i'd rather you put out a strict-ruled ranked dedi server and have unranked dedi's (just like the Black Ops setup).


    No one uses your Unranked dedi's in the Oceanic region at all. Are you guys making so much money that you no longer give a toss about making a gaming experience that's also great for the end user?


    Everytime i'm in matchmaking, I've got to put up with ending up in a laggy match where "one bar" less than an opponent is all the difference between him shooting you before your shot hits him despite you firing first.


    It's horrible, the fleeting moments where you get into a decent game, then you're forced to play maps you don't enjoy and then furthermore you're often playing with idiots you don't like.


    If you're going to have a grinding leveling system, then why not make it more sociable like an MMO and have a ranked server where you play with regulars and the admins can keep morons/idiots/hackers off the server?


    What a bad business decision, you guys won't notice it obviously because you are lol'ing in sales and breaking records but I don't think that gravy train will last unless you improve your game in these areas.


    Why matchmaking? WHY? It's the mother of all gaming abortions. The only reason I can comprehend about why you guys insist upon it, is because you can have a controlled environment and idiots (generally console players) can just press play instead of using CONFUSING server browser. And these two reasons are incredibly dumb, whoever made the call should be fired because he/she is going to make you lose your #1 spot as FPS kings eventually.


    I preordered this game because I had faith that after last time's atrocity and after a hacker group bothered creating a special client which allowed for ranked dedi's, that you would have learnt your lesson and realised "Hey maybe matchmaking is actually a giant two-flush cornlog"


    /rant over.


    Signed petition.

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    signed.  Its been the biggest F U to the PC community.  They were well aware of the issue since MW2, but refused to be customer focused.


    The sad thing is, MW3 plays so well on the servers.  Smooth as silk.  If we had them, it surely would have developed a CoD4 like PC community.  Fansites, organized gaming (clan wars and fun stuff).


    Now people play unitl they are too frustrated with lag/ lag comp, hackers then quit.  CoD4 I would play until my wrist made me stop since I was having so much fun.  Now its about 1 out of 4 games that I have a good experience.

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    From the desk of Rhydal, I sign this petition

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    Signed although i have lost hope and await the next treyarch instalment with ranked dedicated servers, followed by modern warfare 4 with unranked iw net.

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