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Mw3 maps,  Worst maps in CoD history?

Mw3 maps suck ass alot, If i want use sniper i cant do it because every map is so ******* small rat's ass. only thing i can do in these ******* maps is tryhard with acr/w silencer and glitched damage proficiency by camping in corner, I am waiting for map packs i got premium elite,so I hope that there will be more BIG maps in map packs

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    Too bad for you thay are giving us another close quarters map, Piatza.  This is an Italian villiage.  We are also getting Liberation, a new york map.  It is supposed to have some sightlines.  MW3s maps look good, but they are all run n gun maps that are too chaotic and boring after a while.  This game really failed.

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    The maps are OK at best. The least they could do is bring out DLC with some CoD 4 and MW2 maps.

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    Only map I hate is Downturn.  Every other map is awesome.

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    I also hate all the maps. Dome being the worst, and Arkaden is very bad as well.


    The only map I use a sniper rifle on is Seatown, in the big building in the corner. But because people keep coming for me, I'm forced to spend most of the game camping in corners and shooting them as they come in.


    We really need some old maps like Wasteland.

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      Dude, why do people hate Dome? It's just like Shipment/Rust, just a bit more fair and less random.


      As for Arkaden, use an assault rifle in the street/courtyard/mall and a SMG in the inner corridors/storage/backlot. It's all about using the right loadout in the right area.


      I don't know why people b*tch for more sniper maps when there are already two maps dedicated completely to sniping: Bakaara and Fallen.

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    It isn't the size of most maps that bothers me- rather that there's so many corners and visual obstructions that block your line of sight while still allowing the enemy to waltz right up to your doorstep without being seen.


    For close-range spraying this is just great. For everyone else its a disadvantage. And just by the way I find it a lazy and obnoxious way to have made these maps. Complicating the issue further is the unpredictable spawns. Players are scattered all over the place, so there's never any real team ownership of a given space. Any corner or bit of clutter might be hiding a hostile behind it. Whether or not your whole team is spawning nearby is no guarantee that you won't also get enemies popping into the same space.

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    Calling a map Dome is sacrilege, the real Dome was one of the greatest CoD maps this one is poor (in comparison) but me and my KSG still think it's a good map, they should have called it Radar or something I had such high hopes when I saw that name.

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    i dunno. i think these maps are inspired by the campaign, and the campaign was mostly cqb fighting. i'm not making excuses for anyone, but that's how i look at it. most of the maps have at least a few decent sight lines for snipers, but i think they mainly focused on more hectic type skirmishes.

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    My take. These maps are bad. Constant death, no plan or teamwork. They took "Run 'n gun" too far. Mw2, let's use the map Estate for example. (TDM) Sometimes a team will hold up in the main building. Having the larger, less cluttered maps changed the gameplay. The team on the outside had to conduct a plan or strategy to take over the estate. Maybe some snipers to take out the guys at the windows, then some rushers to push in and kill the leftover. Domination was almost another story, more run 'n gun without the clutter. This game seems to have less teamwork. It's sad.

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    The map ideas were good but they weren't balance correctly. They made them too tight which truely gives the huge advantage to SMGs especially with rapid fire. In past maps there were always routes to run no matter what set up you were using. You could rush in and focuse close combats or you could take longer routes to push for longer range battles to do well with assault rifles, not to mention snipers. The maps really do feel like im just running down hallways.


    The maps also seem like they were created with TDM in mind. When it comes to objective games most of the maps are not balanced. This is very present in domination. Take outpost for example. C flag has a huge advantage because you can easily cover both C and B. If you take A and B you really aren't able to cover both of them without having to sprint halway across the map.


    Village is another good example. You start on C spawn right next the B flag?!? By the time the enemy caps A you already have B and C. Not to mention you can cover both B and C with ease. Better cover, better lines of sight.

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    There's Outpost, Bootleg, Mission, Fallen, Seatown, Interchange and Bakaara,. If you can use a sniper rifle effectively I'd say these are decent enough maps.

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      haha worse maps not even close...u forgetting about rust from mw2...or shipment from cod4.....i think the only people who dont like the maps in mw3 r campers..because they cant just sit somewhere and just snipe people and NOT MOVE AT ALL!!!!!!!!....besides interchange..bakaara...outpost...maps u can snipe on and even seatown people always camp that one building in the corner and just snipe..so i mean just really have to learn the spots in mw3....every map has a certain play style in mind...its when you try to force a play style on certain maps just going to be very difficult

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    Actually MW3 maps have some good sightlines. You just complain because you don't know to use them.


    If you want to be successful with a sniper rifle in CQC, use an ACOG sight.


    Or for a more stealthy role, use a silencer.


    I realize that sniping in MW3 isn't like (somewhat) MW2, or definitely BF. It's more split-second.


    I've done really well with a Barrett. It's not impossible.


    Just learn to play the game


    Though it would be nice if the damage was toned down a bit =/

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    MW2 had the best maps. There was something for everybody in them. You could run and gun, snipe, camp or do whatever you wanted. This game was made for the small portion of the community who is most vocal and complained on the forums the most (mostly underage kids who aren't legally old enough to post on here or even play the game in the first place). If you aren't a red dot chasing marathon smg user with zero strategy or brain, then this game isn't for you.


    The whole idea of intentionally creating bad spawns pretty much sums of the complete fail that is known as MW3. I mean, revenge spawns? On purpose? Really? Whats next, a lag perk that lets you lag even more? Why intentionally put things in the game that make the biggest problems with the game even worse. Kind of like commando in MW2.

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    If you want a game where the sniper can be used like a real sniper on most/all maps go play BF3. COD is known for being a faster pace game.