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Harrassment by your own team!


I joined a lobby and killed a guy a couple of times, then one of my own team starts hassling me, jumping around me, standing in front, following me around the map, etc.  After a minute it clicked with me that their names were almost identical, I'd killed his mate and he was now out to mess my game up.  Then yesterday I was sniping and a guy on my own team started doing something similar, he flashed me twice and wouldn't leave me alone until somebody walked up and killed me, this was right from the second the game started.  I wasn't Quick Scoping, using FMGs or anything out of the ordinary, in both cases I hadn't even been in the lobby long enough to annoy anyone that much, hopefully this isn't a new form of boosting.

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    Block them and move on it happens sometimes.

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      that wont really help much. blocking them only decreases your chance of being paired up with them in the lobby, but they can still look up your GT in the recent players list and join your game that way.


      the only sure fire way to stay away from them is to avoid them and then put your status to offline. that way they cant join you at all.

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    You encountered the idiot twins. one was either trying to boost or cheat in some way. You broke it up and they were mad. Were you in HC or Core?

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    I wish there was a place to leave a comment when you report them in the game, even one line would be enough to explain what it was for.

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    I do this to people all the time. It's called trolling.


    It's especially fun when people on my team rage at the rest of us for "sucking" when our points are twice theirs.


    But I do it anyway. Especially in Hardcore.


    You know, the funny thing is I never team killed in HC before Ricochet. Now I troll the crap out of people because my HC experience has been ruined by the fact I die when a hapless teammate strafes in front of my line of fire while I'm engaging the enemy. Ricochet has ruined HC. The only game type that needed it was S&D.


    Nice one.

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    Happens a lot lately. Dont know why, but people seem

    to take pleasure out of it. 


    Last night we had a Scrub on our side that was killing

    all our killstreaks (I lost 2 IMS and 1 Sentry), following us

    around and firing showing our location and generally being an

    A**hat.  At the end he said ok invite me guys and

    most of the other side left.


    I think he was friends of the other team and was helping

    them.  Didnt work, they stunk so bad they still got waxed.

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    Were you not focused on the objective?  Were you just camping for kills when your team was losing? 


    If I'm playing domination and my team is losing and people aren't helping me overwhelm the enemy and cap bases and I find someone camping for kills, I'll make it my mission to draw attention to them so they get killed.

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    I myself have done this a time or two. Usually to snipers that camp in the back of a map in a domination game that only get like 2 kills the whole game with ZERO caps. I will just unload my clip on him and wait for the enemy to run by and kill us both. Sucks for me since I have to take a death, Lol, but oh well, it's all worth it in the end.

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      To be honest I do it to team mates playing domination who just sit in the same corner for the whole match and do nothing to help their team, they don't get kills and they don't cap flags so I'll run over to their corner and block them in for the rest of the game. I don't care about my KD so if I get shot I could care less but some of these guys need to realise that playing objective game modes is a TEAM effort and if they don't like that then they should go play TDM

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        But their never going to change. If you stand in his corner bloking him in, you're effectively not helping out the rest of your team either. If you attract enemy fire and both get killed, that enemy will probably kill other members of your team after that as well. The best thing to do is completely ignore the camper or use it to your advantage - you know you're likely to spawn there for example and could therefore set up a perimeter so you can protect him and one of your likely spawns preventing spawn traps from the enemy a little more. Work around it.


        If this camper is too far away from the action, throw smoke and what not but back off and wait to see if the enemy approachs from a distance. Let the enemy kill the camper and then kill the enemy and re-secure that position before moving on to reduce risk of flanking. Or use a tac insert.

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    I mostly play domination and on public playlists only. I never join matches in party as i don't have any of my friend/colleague playing COD or any video game at all.


    lot of times i noticed when team is taking objective, someone drops the care package marker right on team and CP drop kills few team mates.


    I guess the guy is trying to ensure, team mates KD ratios only. This is annoying at times, but i guess no way it can be controlled.

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    I just get harrassment by my own team abit less I play with a firend or the clan I in.


    I start doing good like 9-0 I snipeing so I hardscope and sometime QS when QS is needed but I start doing bad when it start it more of a line of I a noob beacuse I snipeing and **** like that so when I do get harrass in a game it mess my scroe up like 13-18 just beacuse all I heard I a noob and have no skill beacuse of the layout I use or by being the last guy in SND and get killed my someone after I just took out half the other team and my team is all 0-1 when I am 3 or 4 - 1.

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    Every now and then some idiot does that to me. It doesn't bother me at all. And yes sometimes I camp in varying spots around maps with my Sniper. I wont move an inch if someone is sitting in front of my scope trying to piss me off. I just wait till an enemy comes and kills them or both of us if I cant get the kill on my target. As long as my teammate dies trying to troll I'm fine.

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    I make it my mission to do this if I see a teammate take out my tac insert or turret etc. I just follow them around getting in their way until they finally hit me with bullets so it kills them(HC) then i let it go.