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Cleaning up the old CODs

I heard that IW and Treyarch were going to go back to their old games sometime and clean out the hackers.

Anybody have any idea when or if this will happen?

I just got COD4 a week ago, it's an amazing game, but the mod banners and hackers can get on my nerves :/

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    I've not heard about it but if this happens it would be brilliant as I have all the cods and haven't been playing some because of the amount of hackers. The amount of times I've been put into a game where someone has dogs in the first second of a game in cod5 is unreal. But I hope they do this.

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      Funny because when I play CoD 4 I rarely run into hackers. I've had this game for almost a year now and I only ran into 5 hacked lobby's or so But I still think they should fix it and if they do I would be very happy. I don't have W@W though so I can't talk about that.

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    go to the xbox forums they are always doing perma bans for WAW. it funny as hell

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    Not to be pessimistic, but would you trust these current guys to touch the other games? Think about it. It would be lovely but my heart sank when I read this. I'm back to playing cod mw2 and switch to cod 4 when I can't get a game below 65ms. These guys did such a terrible job on mw3 I would lose it if I heard they were touching the other two. Lol sorry for rant but I got a deal at GameStop for used copies of the others. Cost me 20$ for both. Cod 4 has some bad lobbies, but if you stick to ground war you won't have a problem. Noobs love quickscoping so I use my AK. 34-5 most of the time. Now mw 2 is a different story. Just stick to mercenary TDM and you will get games at 65ms and less. Minor lag but very very playable. Forget the other modes if you live in Los Angeles.

    Should they touch those games I'm looking for their office and driving there to get my money back.

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    CoD 3 is fine no hacks or mods

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      Thats probably because cod 3 is considered as the screw up. Theres almost no montages of cod 3 because not a whole lot of people want to see it.

      As for the people are concerned about IW messing up the game, I was just thinking that it would be a hacker ban, not messing with any game mechanics.