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Impact of Support killstreaks should be minimized

I like the idea of Support killstreaks. Yes, there are worse players than others out there, and yes, players who go for the objective are more likely to die than those who don't. The idea of Support makes sense, but its current implementation is pretty unbalanced at the moment.


As of right now, I like to deem the "Support" killstreak set as the "welfare system". You don't have to try and you'll max out the support killstreak set at least once a game. This doesn't sound like a problem (a good player should, in theory, get more killstreaks than a bad player, regardless of package), but it does become problematic towards the end of the Support killstreak tier. I'm talking about killstreaks such as the Stealth Bomber, EMP, and Support Osprey. These killstreaks give a player way too much firepower for way too little a price (why should a player who goes 17-35 in a game get an EMP???). It comes to the point where you're actually rewarding players for doing badly, guaranteeing them rewards even for when they don't try and end up getting destroyed.


As I said, I like the idea of Support and its current implementation needs a few tweaks to get correct.


Support killstreaks should:

- Provide a player a means to "support" himself and his team in both locating the enemy and offering more protection during firefights.

- Provide a player who goes for an objective an easier time capturing the objective.


They should not:

- Provide a player superior firepower over the enemy. (example: stealth bomber, osprey gunner)

- Inhibit the enemy team's fighting capability in any way. (example: EMP)


I suggest that the Stealth Bomber, Support Osprey, and EMP be removed from Support. These killstreaks are more assault-oriented, as they deal heavy damage to the enemy or eliminate their ability to fight. These are offensive-styled capabilities. Recon Juggernaut is iffy - it's not too bad and definitely helps teams capture objectives, so it's more defensive than anything.


I say make the Stealth Bomber a 9 Assault Killstreak, the EMP a 10 Assault Killstreak, and the "Support" Osprey a 12 Assault Killstreak. I think these numbers would be balanced.


I understand that this would put a ton of assault killstreaks in Assault, and not enough in Support...sorry, I don't know how much more should go into Support but I do think the UAV should be removed from Assault. I don't understand its place there.


Also, one other note, I do realize that the Counter-UAV inhibits the enemy team's fighting abilities, but I would counter that by saying it's not extremely game-changing and can be shot down, unlike an EMP which can alter the course of a game.


Just think of it:


How many players get a Stealth Bomber over how many get a Pave Low in a game?


Do you guys agree with my post or not?

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    its fine the way it is no need to change it

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    the emp is more support than anything however i think the osper gunner should be like the mutli care package drop from mw2 and remove the care package part for the assault streak (osper makes more like an harrier but no Anti Air ablities)

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    I run Ballistic Vests, SAM Turret, and Recon Drone. Mainly because they are major boosts in xp. And I am depended upon to call out enemy locations.


    However, I am the only one who really runs support. And my friends get so many pavelows is crazy. As for the EMP's they are supportive. They don't inhibit the enemy team from fighting, just makes it slightly difficult. Not to mention you have assassin-pro which nullifys the effects of an EMP to your weapon. The support osprey is fine aswell. I never use it, but having the ability to drop care packages for you and your team I think it supportive.


    Support can't be limited to taking down UAV's and other air crafts. That is not all that supportive. Keeping teamates alive, and well equipped is supportive.

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    Support Osprey only kills people if they're directly underneath it taking the care packages, and those care packages don't contain anything with assault in other than IMS and Sentrys. It isn't an offensive reward.

    Stealth Bomber you can argue is, however i doubt anyone will use it in Assault, it's not all that good most of the time.

    EMP is fine, most definitely a 'support' reward.

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    Heres some good support ideas:

    An ammo/health pack you can toss out

    The abillity to tag people to appear on the radar, like the recon drone but on foot

    The ability to "Tag" an objective giving you and your team bonus points for capping it


    Basically stuff that is purely supportive to your team and in no way hinders the enemy directly.

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    I like the arguments that the EMP can be considered support...while I disagree I think you can make a valid argument for that.


    The thing is, I feel EMPs are way too common. If the'yre going to remain in support they should require more points - like 20. They are extremely powerful.


    (as a side note I do not think Assassin Pro should counter EMP or CUAV )


    I love the Ammo pack as a support killstreak. Maybe as a 6 streak, you can deploy an ammo pack on the field that acts as Scavenger Pro. It gets 15 refills of ammo.


    Another suggestion I have - buff the Advanced UAV (assassin users appear) and make the hitbox on the Recon Drone bigger.

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      You would think people with Assassin pro would be visable to an Adv. UAV. But, IW thinks differently. I just go by the games 'logic' when talking about the support streak. The perks will continue to be overpowered/underpowered as Call of Duty becomes more creative with their killstreaks. Until the day we bring it back to the 3,5,7 killstreaks.

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    fived0l1aftl0ng wrote:

    (why should a player who goes 17-35 in a game get an EMP???).

    Because chances are this guy is capping his butt off and just gave your team the big "W" while someone else goes 35-2 and didn't touch a single flag.


    Almost all of the streaks in this package are for "supporting your team" not getting kills for themselves. They can also gain alot of XP this way. I think it would be safe to say that in a couple months the support package may not be used as often once everyone reaches the prestige/level they want and starts to concentrate more on K/D.

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      Actually, there's an even bigger chance that person is on a losing team and did not deserve an EMP. Besides, a person who dies that much doesn't deserve anything at all; those deaths usually result in a stronger, better enemy team (as it should be).

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        Who are you to decide if someone deserves something or not in the game just because of their k/dr in the match. K/Dr means nothing with the support streak. I can earn a emp by capping and killing uav's that is fair. The assult streak should not be stronger just because players who want to make a big deal about k/dr do not like anyone not having a high k/dr getting a streak that can take out their oh so precious ksr... like the emp. and that is all this is about.


        You do not like the emp because you probably have had it destroy your upper ksr and felt it was so unfair because it was not allowed to get you the kills you feel you should have earned by using it.

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    No, I do not agree, for at that point I would say remove UAV from Assault since it is not an assualt type streak and does not belong there. Nor is the I.M.S nor is the sentry gun. Those would belong to support. But I am sure you would disagree about that.

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    I think that the support killstreak kill reqs need to be bumped up a few.


    For example, stealth bombers should be 18, and emp/airdrop/jug should be 22.


    My feeling is the system works well but the kill requirement should be higher. This should handle those people who don't deserve the killstreaks (those who go 0.5 KDR every game). These individuals are unlikely to hit 18-22 kills per game, and, on the odd chance that they do, they will likely be doing to so badly (and also their team) that the benefits of these killstreaks will prove futile in the overall battle.


    On the other hand, the individuals that use the support package the way that it is intended to be used (to support the team), and also do their part in supporting their team, should easily hit these killstreaks. That being said, if they did follow this route, other portions of the support package could use a little bump.


    P.S. If you want to talk about the welfare system, I've got two more words for you: death streaks.

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      i agree and disagree


      i agree that the stealth bomber should be removed from the support, it is annoying that they are easy to get and on average get 3+ kills with them because of the map size. if they insist in staying in support move it to 20 kills


      support KS should reset after 3 deaths in a row if you die 3 times and do not get a kill they should reset, why should you be rewarded for sucking, if you do not like 3 they can make it like a death streak 5 or 6 deaths in a row


      EMP is fine but they shyould make it 21 kills and 30 seconds, lets face it some games only last 3-5 mins and if 2 people get emp well your fuc*ed when it comes to using you Assault KS


      the osprey gunner in support should be more of a emergency air drop in MW2 it should just fly across and drop crates, its suppose to help not sit up and get kills. at the moment the osprey gunner is the worst KS in the gun assault or support way to long to do any good and gets shot down to easily, take this out and put the chopper gunner or gunship from BO in there they were more fun and effective.


      and personally i think they should remove UAV and care package in assault and put them in support only and move the air drop trap since it gets kills not very supportive and put that in assault.

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    I think that they need 2 take OUT 1 of the 2 ... Support rewards or death streaks (i really would like to see them both gone but nothing is gonna happen) OR require that a 2 kill streak counts as a point on support not every kill.

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    Remove the EMP and Stealth Bomber. That's all I want. Replace it with something that allows flags to be capped faster. As for the "No Skill Multikill" Stealth Bomber,kick that out too or put it in Assault, then move the Sentry Gun to Support. As for the Support Osprey, that doesn't do anything when i call it in. It always is shot down before it drops those packages.


    In answer to one of your questions, the UAV is in Assault as it is a useful tool for any player. It helps target airstrikes, for example.

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    lol @ threads like this one.


    It's been 9 months and they still haven't fixed the game (with no hope in sight). You have 3 months until the next COD is out. You really think that they are going to remove/change anything?