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"Rapid Fire" or turbo controllers opinions?


Honestly I love sparying people dowqn with my rsass being called a modder even though it's a trigger finger. Yet i know many people who use rapid fire controllers which personally makes no ******* difference and the fact people thinks it does are retards. In no way is it a mod even more so beacuse microsoft has sold a few "turbo" controllers which allow rapid pressing of any button held...nor a mod nor is it a bannable offense. Not only that but there are so few weapons that are fast semi auto and kill, so what are you're opinions I don't give a **** if someone pays 10$ extra for some retard ass rapid fire.

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    I'm okay with them. I've done some testing and built a prototype, and thought it was fun. There are interesting results though.


    MK14 (NO rapid fire):

    • -Has a limited fire rate. Took some time to dial it in so it's perfectly synchronized, but once it was there it was a nice fully auto rifle.
    • -Brings MK14 almost on-par with fully auto rifles such as M4A1 or ACR 6.8.
    • -Recoil becomes MUCH more apparent. Barrel jumps almost twice as high.
    • -Almost pointless due to my trigger finger being just as fast.
    • -Almost pointless due to the drop in accuracy.



    • -Almost no limit to the firing rate.
    • -HUGE amount of recoil without "kick". Uncontrollable.
    • -Reduced amount of recoil WITH "kick". Manageable at best.
    • -No way I could ever fire that gun that fast with my trigger finger.
    • -Pointless due to MASSIVE recoil, "kick" or not.



    When "tuning" the rapid fire controller I built, I went for maximum shots per second. If you go with less than max shots per second (which I also tried), it's fully auto but a bit slow. Nothing beats your trigger finger for a few well placed rounds.


    I see people with modded controllers all the time. Rapid fire doesn't bother me because it's easy to kill them. They're at a disadvantage as far as I'm concerned.


    The only mod I get slightly frustrated with is the "drop-shot" mods. EVERY shot they take they fall to the floor. You can tell when it's a mod doing it, not just their automatic reaction to "GET DOWN" "GET DOWN AGAIN" "GET DOWN AGAIN AGAIN". That's why I started shooting feet =D.


    There are other hardware mods, like the joystick extenders, that are 100% tournament legal. Those are good, and give a HUGE advantage!


    You're going to get many trolls saying "IT'S AN UNFAIR ADVANTAGE" and "IT'S CHEATING" blah blah blah. They don't understand that there are legit MS approved rapid fire controllers out there, and they like to whine a lot about it. They also like to make you feel wrong for having an opinion!



    (I've since dismantled my rapid fire controller prototype so I could use my microcontroller for a different project, stfu trolls)

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    It's just so cheap and unsporting. The same people buying modded controllers are currently putting damage proficiency on their RSASS and MK14.


    Five Seven is pretty wicked with rapid fire as well, but obviously still less powerful than FMG-9

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    If I had a modified console that made every care package an osprey gunner that would that be cheating? Of course it would be and therefor are modded controllers.

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    Those FragFX, Eagle Eye, etc mouse controllers are also very unfair. They should take some measures to block these things to level the playing field, but I guess this is just another $$$ thing.

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      OR, they're just how someone is more comfortable to play. Seriously, get one if you think it's so unfair, and stop ******** about it. It's legitimate and Microsoft also allows Keyboard/Mouse adaptors for their console. It's a confirmed legit adaptor.

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        Even though MS may allow those IW can decide they are not allowed and ban anyone for using them in the game. 3arc did with BO when people were using them in that game.

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        It's an advantage. People shouldn't be able to buy an advantage. That's just my opinion. If they feel more comfortable playing with a mouse/kb, they should play on the PC.


        Everyone knows it's not about comfort. They don't play on the PC because there everyone has mouse+kb. Those peripheral are used solely for the advantage they give. It's impossible to match that speed and precision with a gamepad.


        In my opinion they should limit the sensitivity option to a much lower value. Those high sensitivity options are not for pad gameplay, they're there for these devices. They should also try to block these Rapid Fire controllers as they also give an unfair advantage.

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    I don't care if people have them so long as they don't use them in matches that affect leaderboards or other people. I know that sometimes they can be an advantage and sometimes a disadvantage but the fact remains the same that unless it is officially allowed by Microsoft then it is technically bannable

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    It should not and will never be approved be me or my friends.


    You are cheating, since you allow guns to shoot faster with a better acuraccy. The only reason as to why small kids tend to use rapid fire modded controllers is because they suck at the game and when they get easy kills with the mp7 their small and pathetic weenies tingle.


    TL:DR: Players who use modded controllers, are basically saying '' I'm so bad at this game that i have to mod my controller to make it shoot faster since i suck at aiming and i need to use steady aim and spray.


    You can't call yourself good if you mod, End of story.

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      Wrong. Yes rapid fire controllers alow you to shoot a very limited selection of weapons more quickly, but 99 times out of 100 you sacrifice this for accuracy. Sure it's cool to see an MK14 firing automatically but that gun is FAR more effective and accurate if you shoot it manually.


           And for the record, how many of you whiners know someone who has been banned for using a modded, (legit or non), controller? I know several people who have been using them for many years and not a single one of them has ever been punished in any way. And Treyarch banned people? Uh I doubt that. Several friends of mine have used them from day one in Black Ops and still are today. No bans.


          You can buy them in Gamestop and Best Buy for God's sake. Nobody is going to get banned.

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    I've seen some guys shooting their handguns full-auto with no recoil at all. How is this fair?

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    I'm just gonna reply one last time, then i'm out of here.




    Also, i've seen modded controllers that allow you to shoot with pinpoint acuraccy and a faster fire-rate which results in a better gun.


    I have a good trigger finger, but it's quite hard to aim and focus your energy into pulling extremely fast at the same time, which results in bad aiming.


    I do not approve of cheaters, and i will report them.

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    The breath function is available on most guns, even assault rifles, just so you know, and i have seen players with modded controllers and i have seen modded controllers in action which makes the gun more accurate, it pulls the aim back to the spot you were aiming at by using the joysticks....... It's a bit complicated to explain but i have seen it.


    Bai bai forever.

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    So here's an excerpt from "Modern Warefare 3 Online Code of Conduct (How to get Banned)


    When playing Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 online, either in multiplayer or Spec Ops mode, we encourage you to play fair, have fun, and be respectful of other online players. To assist us in keeping the online components of Modern Warfare 3 fair, fun, and safe for all players; we regularly monitor stats, review player reports, and take action on player behavior that violates the spirit of the game. Below are just a few examples of what type of behavior could lead to your account being banned from playing, stats reset, wiped or prevented from appearing on the leaderboards, or restricted in other ways from participating in the online components of Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3. In addition, it is at our discretion to increase, decrease, or alter the punishments on an individual basis as we see fit.


    Pretty sure rapid fire buttons and mod controllers constitutes as violating the spirit of the game.

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      Just today I got three triple kills on an MK14 in a single game without a modded controller.


      My opponent had a modded controller and use an MK14 also.


      I still hold a grudge against the ridiculous fast kills he got against me at closer range, but I did better overall.


      However, the ability to turn on or off rapid fire is overpowered and cheating in my opinion. If you were rounding corners with an MK14 you would have an obvious advantage to go fully auto or burst for close range combat, and that's ridiculously unfair.