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MW3 Pre-Game Lobby Scoreboard Glitch


I have played many games now, mostly when I get very high scores, where I get a really good game with lots of kills (around 90)  and few deaths and then I get back into the lobby & when you press select (or whatever the 360 or PC equivalent is) to look at what I unlocke and the scoreboard, it shows up as me and my entire team having maybe 1 or 2 kills or sometimes no kills.


Somebody said this means that the kills I got in that game don't count, and when you get 90 kills in Sabatage, that is maybe 30 or 40k XP.
It doesn't put my rank back down & I have never taken note of my kills before a game where it happened to check.


Is anyone else aware of this and do you know if it is just a leaderboard glitch or if the kills don't count or if the score doesn't count.


Also has anyone figured out what causes this to occur and how to stop it? I have only ever noticed it in Sabotage but that is because I rarely check my scores using that leaderboard.


Any help is welcome.