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looking for PS3 Clan

looking for PS3 clan to join

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    I am on everynight I play domination team deathmatch and kill confirmed...my k:d ration is only a .45

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    hey, check us out.


    The [SoNz] are a 300+ member Clan that plays BF3 and MW3.  We have a BF Platoon and a MW Elite Clan.  We are always active and recruiting, you should check us out at WWW.SONZ.ENJIN.COM.



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    join (lawz) if u break our lawz we will break ur jawz if u wanna join go to www.lawz.enjin.com

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    Allstars Gaming is currently recruiting members. We are a small clan of dedicated players on the PS3 console. We rely on superior communication and gaming tactics to ensure victory. We play a variety of game modes, but most often play domination, tdm/kill confirmed. We also participate in GB’s and MLG tournaments as well as fun lobbies.


    All our clan leaders and the majority of members have win loss ratios above or near 10.0, as well as kill/death ratios around 2.0. As you might guess we do have some rather strict requirements, but this is only because we are seeking the best of the best players out there.




    Sorry not accepting Europe at this time

    Age 15+

    1.5 kill/death ratio (exceptions can be made based upon your gameplay during evaluations)

    Gaming Headset with Microphone – (Trittons, Turtle Beachers, Astros….)

    Skype – (Since MW3 Chat is terrible, we communicate in game over Skype)

    Call of Duty Elite - Premium not required, but highly preffered

    Winning attitude – Winning is everything no matter the cost


    Apply at the link below. Register for the site, go to the forum, fill out an application and come join the Allstars!


    Please use your PSN when you register on the site



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    My clan is recruiting, our main gametype is TDM however we play other gametypes too like kill confirmed, domination and team defender.


    We have a clan match coming up where we will be playing TDM, team defender + SnD. We are a UK clan, we only take players that are good, mature, active, 17+ years old, dont cheat / boost / glitch and preferably have a microphone.


    We are called Gamers anonymous.

    We have a level 9 clan (need 13xp / one founder for level 10, gold clan tags and two hours double xp).

    We have 18 members, our average clan K;D is 1.86.

    We play to win every game, it is very rare that we lose a game especially in TDM, when we venture into other gametypes we dont do as well but you can garauntee we will give it a good shot if we dont win.


    Our Elite Clan Page

    Our Official Site


    Add me on psn or post on one of the two above links for details or a trial.

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    Hey, Im a member of the 13th MEU. We are looking to grow our PS3 squad. We are structured and organized. There is a application and test, but you dont wait long on results. Its a good group and we all enjoying playing the game. We understand when real life takes you away from the game. Stop by and check us out or add me on PSN Rusty360


    Hope to see you soon




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    come join us at EZeeCompany (EZco). we're a small team at the moment, but getting

    bigger everyday. message me on psn... EZco_D-PeaceY

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    If you are still looking, we are a small clan looking to boost the ranks: o_0   no stupid k/d requirements. just ppl.

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    BHV) kingkenneth


     We are currently recruiting members for Call of Duty for both PS3 and XBOX. We are looking for dedicated players of all skill levels above the age of 16 that are willing to bring their knowledge to the brotherhood, sign up and complete the in-test at the link below and shortly you will be playing and winning with your new comrades for the Brotherhood of Valor.

    Registration Form


    [www.brotherhoodofvalor.com | http://www.brotherhoodofvalor.com ] if you have any trouble signing up pm me psn : kingkenneth and i will help you</p>

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    If you are not already in a clan:

    New PS3 clan. Looking for some members. Elite preferred, but accepting people who enjoy playing the game and competing. NO Boosters allowed. If you boost we will delete you. I don't appreciate people who do it, and I know a lot of other players who do not appreciate it also. Average K/D ratio (.50)would be nice but not a requirement. Mic would be nice also, but not required (It's easier to communicate with a mic). Also, people intersted in Spec Ops should join. If you would like to join, Search for "Openly MAD" clan name or message me "KcirdnekC" to join.



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    Join -DAB now en let's have some fun together.

    The clan is lvl 20 and got 11 members.


    8 Premium members.

    2 Founder members.


    We are still looking for premium and founder members.

    -DAB does not care about KD ratio or what prestige you are.


    We play every clan operation with the team, so we hope that the new members will do that to.

    The more members we get the better we score in the operations.


    If you want to join the clan, there are 3 options.


    1. Leave a message on the clan page: https://elite.callofduty.com/connect/clan/view/1177208

    2. Push the apply button on the clan page.

    3. Send me a message on PSN: Remon1983


    PS: Join now and you will get 4 hours double xp.

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    Looking for Elite Premium member to join BBK~

    You must be British

    Your K/D has to be around 1.35