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Move stealth / emp to assualt, yeay or nay ?

Dont you hate it when your team is up whether its domination or td or headquarters and all of the sudden the ground starts to rumble and your to far out in the open to get cover so you sit there waiting for the end to come? What about when your in those crucial final minutes of a back and forth game of demo or domination and *flash* enemy EMP is inbound your screen goes completely fuzzy -if you already have a terrible tv you can barely see - for the next minute probably giving the other team an advantage turning the tides in their favour?


Whos with me ?


Change stealth bomber and EMP to assualt killstreaks, possibly 9 or 10 for stealth and 12 or 15 for emp.


In support it just gives the not so good players constant sucess for killing people... Or at least make a support killstreak that wipes the map clear of enemy air support im fine with that. Just stop the EMP AND STEALTH SUPPORT SPAMMERS!!


Thankyou :) jambone242 on ps3


    Cool story bro. You know what i hate, coming to these forums and its the same recycled crap kids whine about every day, zomg stealth bomber, zomg emp, zomg assassin. Get a life its a video game. My little pony adventure island might be more your speed.


    I'm sorry but people like you complaining about stealth bomber and emp in the support package, when there are so many other things wrong with the game, are complete idiots.


    Neither the stealth bomber or emp can be "spammed" by anyone. Once you get it your streak resets and you have to start all over. Getting more than 1 stealth bomber in a game can be challenging, getting more than 1 emp is downright hard. How a "not so good" player can pull that off is a mystery to me.


    Why do so many idiotic people like you automatically assume that anyone using support is a "not so good" player anyway?


    Fact is the "not so good" players rarely use either the stealth bomber or the emp. They will tend to use the lower tier killstreaks like care packages, pred missiles, ballistic vests, etc because they are easier to get, and they end up getting multiples of each streak.


    I can guarantee you that any time you're being "spammed" by stealth bomber or emp it's because there is a group on the other team who picked them and are coordinating their efforts.


    If they did actually move those killstreaks to assault, guess what would happen. You would see them a LOT more than you do now, (since they'd be easier to get - kills from killstreaks stack in assault)  and the clans would spam them more than ever.


    So use your brain and quit crying for them to fix stuff that IS NOT BROKEN!!!


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      I totally agree that there is wayyyyy more they should be focusing on at the moment, all these nonsense hacks and glitches that make you almost inbincible with the right weapon


      Trust me i know this is not a big issue, im just tired of the kids who are actually above average players who can actually maintain and achieve streaks and stay on the support prestige after prestige. Like they might as well try out some different lillstreaks and probably do way better then they currently are.


      Dont get me wrong prestige can be great! If you dont use it on every class... And sorry spamming wasnt the correct term, and i also agree that i do play loaddds of clans that just use the support killstreak so all of the sudden you get 3 stealths crossing the map continously and being emp'd for the remainder of the round.

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    How about they remove UAV from assault. and the I.M.S and care package. For those are support streaks and not really assault streaks.

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    Stealth Bomber yes, EMP no.