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Shotguns.... Seriously?

Why are shotguns so underpowered in this game?

I'm trying to get every gold gun, and the only ones that have given me trouble are the shotguns.


If you decided to make them a primary, why did you ALSO make them weaker?

I think the ones in MW2 would make great primary weapons.


Every gun should be able to compete with every other gun.

The only shotgun worth using is the Striker, for obvious reasons.

I'm not saying every gun has to be equal.

Some guns should be weaker. Some should be stronger. But a good player should be able to use the worst of guns to kill somebody with the best gun at least 25% of the time, given it is an equal match (meaning one person isn't camping).


With guns like the KSG-12 and the SPAS-12, it is virtually impossible to pull off a decent game. You have to catch someone from behind or be within 5 feet in order to get a kill.


I've gotten 3 hitmarkers on the same guy with the SPAS, and 4 hitmarkers with the KSG.

That means... Shoot. Pump. Shoot. Pump. Shoot. Pump. Shoot. And the guy is still not dead.

Now, think of it this way... Each shotgun shot has 8 bullets, I believe (don't quote me on it).

In each of those shots, at least 1 of those has to hit, or I wouldn't be getting the hitmarkers.

That's 4 bullets minimum that hit the guy. If he turned around and shot at me with his SMG or Assault Rifle or what have you, it would take 2-3 bullets tops. And it's an automatic weapon.


The range I don't mind. The damage is absolutely ridiculous.  I shouldn't be getting hitmarkers from within 10 feet, unless my aim is significantly off.  Shotguns are supposed to excel in close combat, and I'm getting mowed down by LMG's, which have no business in CQB.


Fix the damage, or at the VERY least, make Sleight of Hand work with pump-action shotguns.

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    Thannnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnk youuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu!


    I absolutely love using shotguns and it sucks when I can only use 2 shotguns (striker and spas-12) to get 1-2 shot kills. (Can't say anything about the aa12 because I haven't tried it out for a whole match.)

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    Here's a short clip from a recent game on my quest for the gold SPAS.

    Just to show you guys where I'm coming from.


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    I agree, just got my KSG to level 30 today, every other shotgun bar the AA12 is already gold, so my job is nearly complete After that I'm going for 2500 kills with all the shotguns (except the striker, which I already have 22k kills with >.>


    The KSG has been the most painful shotgun to use, a lot of my games I will only maintain a neutral K/D or negative K/D, about 50% of the time I go positive. In comparison to the other shotguns I'ld nearly always go positive D:
    Damage has made it slightly more bearable, but I still cringe when I land a shot on someones chest with damage, on my pump action KSG, and then they spray me down before I have a chance to pump it :'(


    Shotguns with damage is IMO how they should be from a base level.

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    The shotguns are a lot more bearable with extended mags + range/damage, but even with them most of them are a lot less effective than their MW2 counterparts. The SPAS-12 for example has OHK range of around 10 feet less than MW2's Spas-12 (without extended mags and damage/range it's much less than that).


    Also the KSG-12 is a piece of ****! I was playing with it in hardcore today and was still getting hitmarkers at point blank!

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    If they buff Shotguns they will be worse than quickscopers.  Everyone will be running around with one hit kill weapons that are potent at mid-range.


    The video above is an example of what you people expect.  He was CLEARLY out of range for a shotgun in the first clip (and should have been) and off target in the second.  You Shotgun people are wanting a super wide spread with extra long range.  IMO that would be a HUGE problem.   

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    I think what they were trying to do was to nerf the MW2 secondary shotgun thing by making you use overkill so you would get a bit of a disadvantage. But the shotguns do suck!

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    Gave up on Striker. SPAS-12 is hundred times better. I can get one hit kill most of the times with no Damage equipped.

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    im grinding the striker just now just to have the option of a decent shotty should i need it. ive just unlocked range and tbh i still think its horrible . ill get it gold then let it gather dust. id rather any smg than the shotguns in this game and i used my m1014 religiously in mw1 n 2 . so so dissapointed in them this time round. i expected a slight buff to the previous standards when i heard they were primaries again. wtf?