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The point of the Dragunov is... what exactly? Also another thing...


Having recently prestiged (again), I wanted to try something other than the most used weapons.. so I wanted to try the Dragunov as a Sniper Rifle... and now I understand why it's never used. It's completely useless in every sense of the word. The Barret and L118, which are default unlocks, are far superior to it, and once you add in "kick", even the recoil isn't bad.


What is the point in having a Sniper Rifle that doesn't kill in one shot in 90% of the instances you use it? From what I can gather, it only kills in one shot to the head... and thanks to the atrocious lag system in this game, that's about as random as the spawn system. And once you put on a suppressor, it even takes 2 shots to the head.


What was wrong with the CoD4 Dragunov? The one that killed in 1 shot to the chest and up? That was my favorite sniper from CoD4. Why take a good weapon, make it garbage, and then actually put it as a level-up unlock instead of a default unlock?


Not that I actually expect any reply from an IW/Sledgehammer dev....




Type-95 W/Rapid Fire + Steady Aim is more effective as a shotgun than every real shotgun except the Striker, and only  when you get extended Magz on it.


Akimbo FMG is the ultimate counter to Juggernaut. You can literally drop them within seconds. From Full Health to 0 within 3 seconds it seems like, if that.


Shotgun Sniper Rifles still exist and are still hurting the game. But they can't risk alienating the younger kids (their core demographic), so I don't expect anything done about that.