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Activision support.

Just wanted to share my awesome experience talking to an Activision support tech.


All I have heard on this site is people slamming tech support for not helping them.


I had a problem which was resolved in about 2 mins chatting online with tech support.


Give them a go, be nice, they can prob help you.


Hoo Ah!

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    They e-mailed me exactly the same answer for 2 totally different questions on 2 different days

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    hi, i've tried this with activision support but i can´t find anything in they´re site, can you please help me? I have Strict Nat Type, I went online and I found some videos that I needed to activate telnet and then ports and a lot of trouble...I did it and i finaly got open nat but than i couldn´t play, my network was always going down and i had to restart it like 50 times a day, i had to call my internet support to solve this problem and they solved it but now i have strict nat again...what do i do?! i will never have at least moderate nat?!