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  • 50. Re: Whats the best mw3 gun?

    mp412 tac knife or akimbo. that baby has saved my ass more times than enough.

  • 51. Re: Whats the best mw3 gun?

    A4magnum akimbo is my secondary but im working on the mp412 now . That gun has some real power

  • 52. Re: Whats the best mw3 gun?

    either one is great because not point blank range they beat akimbo machine pistols plus the draw time is next to nothing

  • 53. Re: Whats the best mw3 gun?

    P90 silencer, rapid fire

    mp9 silencer

    extreme cond.


    steady aim







    sleight of hand

    quick draw

  • 54. Re: Whats the best mw3 gun?

    I've been looking at the title of this thread for about an hour now.


    I know all the debates about weapons being OP.


    But I just can't think of a weapon that is best in EVERY situation.




    Maybe there is one "weapon" best in every situation.


    The SMAW.


    That's right, the SMAW.


    Sniper across the map on Bakaara?


    SMAW him. You don't even need to see his exact position. Just get relatively close.


    Jackazz with a Striker getting on your nerves?


    SMAW him. The down side is that you'll die in the process of killing him, but who cares? The idea is to annoy the f**k out of him ... just like he's annoying the f**k out of you.


    Camper in the bunker on Outpost?


    SMAW him. This is the third flank for Outpost campers. Trust me, this works amazingly well. My buddies and I discovered this by accident and were laughing so hard after we busted the campers we ended up losing the game by just a few kills. We just spammed that little slit with SMAWs! Hilarious. There's actually barrels in there that will help you with this.


    Reaper causing havoc?


    SMAW them. Now, look, you might get killed during the process, but you can take down a Reaper in two shots with a SMAW.




    SMAW him. Here's how you do this. Some noob on your team is going to waste their time trying to shoot down the  AC130 with Stingers. And they work, don't get me wrong. But it takes two shots that take forever to get off. Pop off your SMAW before the noob teammate fires the stinger and the Stinger takes the AC130 down in one shot.


    Recond Drones?


    SMAW them. It takes three shots sometimes only because a good Drone flyer knows to duck for cover. If an amatuer is using the Recon Drone, you can take it down in no more than two shots with a SMAW ... yes, that means you have to die once. But it is all about the win. And what do you want? To be killed five times because the other team knows where you are? Or die once in order to keep the other team from racking up kills? No brainer.


    Too many UAVs?


    SMAW. The SMAW is THE answer to UAV spamming. If just you and one other person on your team run the SMAW against UAV jam-spam, you can drastically change the momentum of the game.


    Advanced UAV?


    Two SMAWs take them down. True story. And taking down UAVs is a matter of very easy points.


    And finally ... the Assault Drone. Bad dude. A good Assault Drone user is going to get a half dozen kills or more before the drone dies out.


    SMAW it. Look, the damn thing is going to kill you at least once no matter what you do. So get off a SMAW round at it. It only takes two to kill these things and that's only because the first one is likely to miss.


    So the best overall gun in MW3?


    Definitely the SMAW.

  • 55. Re: Whats the best mw3 gun?

    m4a1 w/ RDS.


    i want them ******* to know where i am. makes killing easier. i keep the sightlines long, my hardline totally pro and let fly.



    sometimes it's a suppressed CM901, to discourage red-dot magnetism from someone looking for the flash to show on the map.


    when i roll with my friends, i can keep the supressor off cuz rolling with randoms is iffy at best.

  • 56. Re: Whats the best mw3 gun?

    The most OP weapon, other than the riot shield, is the USP45.  That thing is so overused its not even funny.

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    I like pinpoint shots, so I go for Type 95 w/ rapid fire and extended mags. Or M16A4 would also do the burst shooting but there is a reason I prefer type 95 than it.

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    Its the ACR but the SCAR is more fun bare naked and loud!

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    Despite our clan hating the Type 95 because of how awesome (newbs be hating) it is, we still believe it’s probably the best gun around. However, the ACR is definitely the most holistic, all around great gun. Toss a silencer and extended mags on there and you’ve got a killing machine. Pair that with Scavenger Pro, Marksman Pro, and Quickdraw Pro and you’re nearly invincible.


    For example, check this Drop Zone MOAB that one of our members recently achieved with the ACR. He was able to see all of the enemies from far away and kill them before they even got close enough. No camping, just pure determination…




    http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-jPL7F-VuP4&context=C369b46bADOEgsToPDskJVk61OKAZ ay8A0BE8n21JQ

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