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    Whether someone is camping doesn't matter; what matters is whether or not you have the skill to remove said camper before he picks you off. My clan holds strategies for TDM, where we hold designated spots as a team to stop the enemy advancement. One player camps, but an entire team uses 'strategic placement'.


    It's not easy to do, either: Grenades, noobtubes, tacticals and explosives of all kinds among other things can easily put a hole in the strategy. If it takes a single death to figure this out, then you're doing something right; you relay enemy numbers, placement, and what you were killed by. Running in there only to be killed again is your own damn fault.

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    The sound on that video is REALLY out of sync. Might need to fix that, bro.

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    I don't care if you respect the way I play or not. The fact is, to ME, I have fun when I do good. And camping assures that I do that. Come up with as much excuses as you want, in the end, I think camping is the smarter playstyle and that's all that matters to me.


    And I LoL'd at 5. Anyone who think camping takes more skill needs to G T F O.

    As if rushing takes any amount of skill. Anyone can run around and base the majority of their kills on luck. Camping is about, like I said before, playing smarter. If you're the type of player that keeps dying from them, that's your own fault.

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    DarthBryan wrote:


    rankismet wrote:


    DarthBryan wrote:


    People brag about stats because they want respect. They are basically trying to get others to acknowlege that they have skill.


    Well gaining easy kills by camping does not deserve respect because it takes little skill.


    Yeah... being the dead man running takes skill.

    So I guess everyone should camp then? Have you ever been in a game like that? They are the most boring games you can play. No kills, no fun.


    COD is a shooter... people camp in shooters.


    Always have.

    Always will.


    If you're playing TDM... why run if the other team is running to you?

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    So spot on and true about what you said. Just adrenaline pumped red dot chasing run-n-gun rushers will never see it or unerstand it. Because they need that constant adrenaline rush from running around all the time to feel good about playing a game.


    It takes no more skill to get kills when rushing then it does to camp or play defensively. Infact the defensive player has to have greater aim then the rushers who just rushes around and sprays players down from the back, side, front or where ever. And then tries to call it skill full in doing so. A defensive player holding down an area against several players takes more skill then any rusher will ever realize. Which is why they rush, because they do not have the level of skill to play defensively and do well.


    This is a game and meant to be played for fun as you said. But so many players try to take it too serious and act like it is life and death and if they do not do well then they wasted their time and must feel bad about it.

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    Halo is the exception to the rule (unless you're playing Team Snipers on Hemorrhage)

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    Such a funny thread, OP couldn't look like a bigger tool if they tried!

  • 57. Re: Camping is Legit. So what?


    Wow, you are right.

    I didn't know that, cheers.


    I wonder how that happened...

    I'll take it down and redo it.

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    O.K. so wow!!! What a tool. Ok let me get this straight so.... If I camp and go 29-0 on resistance out in the open by the cars at the bottom of the big stairs then I have no skill, even though I have to dodge concussion grenades, frags, flashes, tubes, rockets, oh yeah lets not forget the constant wave of enemies rushing down the stairs... I have no skill or shouldn't get any respect because I didn't run around in this particular instance. Now I have had similar matches on dome where I exclussively move around. I find I can have a higher k\d running than when I choose to hold a particular area but it is a 75/25 kind of deal, I do well most of the time and win most of the matches I play. You want to know why? It's cause I adjust to whatever team I am playing against. Yes it does take skill to camp effictively. A good camper is moving constantly, but to a different position. Yes a good camper deserves respect, he wouldnt have gotten a moab if it wasn't for your non skill havin disrespectfull self. Any good player deserves respect regardless of their play style, and if you don't like how they play then quite playing the game cause like rank said "It's an fps, there's gonna be a camper some where!" in not so many words. *cough* *tool* *cough*

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    i agree, i couldnt care less about who camps.

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