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MW3 Resistance Breakdown | General Reaper Tips & Curving | Tons of Buildings vs Assault Package + Reaper Bug/Glitch?


Displaying a few quick tips on how to utilize the Reaper aka AGM on Resistance (Or other maps with tons of buildings/cover) via curving your shots. Initially you want to fire right away, look around quickly, then zoom in with L1 for precision. In sequence you'll fire a shot, pause a bit, then zoom in. The key trick is when you're zoomed in the sensitivity of the reaper shot increases dramatically allowing you to curve shots into or around buildings, as well as under ledges/roofs/underpasses etc where people are tucked away.


Reaper Glitch/Bug

Near the end of the video I hit another reaper, call it in, zoom in for the first shot and it get's stuck in the zoom position. I've encountered this bug about 10 times. Hopefully it gets sorted, peace