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Agree or Disagree

IW has said that the reason Core players get bigger playlist is because more plp play core than HC


I would like to see IW really prove this.


IMHO if you gave core players 6 modes to play and HC players 14 or whatever I bet there would be more plp playing HC than Core.


So there's a challenge for you IW swap the playlist then prove that more plp are playing core.


Please just agree with the statement or disagree


personally i think playlist should be equal - but doubt that will ever happen but c,mon 1 out of 6 Playlists for HC players on this dlc is a bit of a joke.

At least give us TDM the core basic of the game.

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    alot more people do play core games but theres more than enough hardcore players to merit more harcore game modes

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      the point being more plp play core cos of the choice's they have


      I reckon that if playlist were equal HC would have more plp playing

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      i have to agree with the OP here. there is not enough gametypes in the HC genre to even give that kind of statement as "there is not enough people playing HC". if they give us only a few types of matches to choose from compared to the majority of Core gametypes, then how can there really be a difnitive answer such as that.


      and the reason most people play Core is because most game types people play the most dont have a HC version of it so they are stuck playing the Core version.

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        I agree they should be Equal.


        however am sure IW MW3 SH whatever they are called have stats on how many people where playing what game types. Prob going back to the first COD so proving it is no problem. the question is why give you this information?

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    I partly agree that yall do need more chocies but i disagree because i dont like the way hardcore feels and runs meaning that i dont like being able to put one bullet in someone across the map and get a kill or just running then get dropped from a bullet that came from whoknowswhere.

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    I think it's time to revive the #MOARhardcore movement.  Tweet @fourzerotwo and express your displeasure because they sure as hell don't read this board.


    I've also started including #restorehardcore in my tweets to the "Stealth Clown" in an effort to have ricochet removed from the HC game modes.


    "The squeeky wheel gets the grease."  Hey it worked for the crybabies that got ricochet in the first place, why can't it work for us?

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    Give me  Hardcore GroundWars thats all it would take for me

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    You can see how many players are in each playlist at any given time.... Pretty solid proof more people play core.


    It doesn't matter how many people play hardcore or not. 2 of the most popular HC modes are not around, HC and Capture the flag. There is no excuse for this.

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      but that is where the problem lies. they go based off the current numbers in the modes when that is not a fair reading.


      the number of Core game types outweigh the number of HC by a lot. there are only 5 HC modes whereas there are 16 Core modes. i dont think that is even CLOSE to being a fair reason for saying why more people play Core. the reason, as i have stated before is because there is not enough variety for us HC players.


      they dont even give us an opportunity to prove that more HC modes are worth it since they only give us a few modes to play with, yet they turn around and add an Elite playlist. im sorry but that is bullsh*t.