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New Community Success Storys


Once again theses forums are filling up with negativity and I thought we could use a thread to remember the good times, anyone who used the Black Ops forum will remember this thread as it was quite a popular one, and so in the words of it's original creator.


Welcome to the new C.S.S Thread.


Let's do this one justice and keep the posts on topic and certainly about the positive aspects of Modern Warfare 3.


Welcome to our new home folks!!!


Goal of this thread: This thread is a community collection of personal success stories. Even if you think your situation or story isn't really a success, feel free to post it! This is a positive thread with positive influence.



• No flaming.

• No spamming.

• No long winded chats about non MW3 related content.






I'll start the ball rolling


Joined a game of HC Dom on Arkadan the other night and of course was put on the losing team whilst they were being triple capped, so I jumped straight into action and captured A soon followed by B then I just patrolled back and forth defending the hell out them and got 2 roflcopters out it, near the end of the game I had my eye on the score reading 199 - 199 the game finished 200 -199 and I was top of the leaderboard 24 - 5, not bad for less then half a game.


Just completed 1000 kills with my KSG 12 as well, that was a chore.

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    Nice, glad to see someone else picked up the torch.


    Success story!


    Wiggy figured out that he had 8 prestige tokens, mainly because he hasn't used one since the beginning and he's not 7th prestige and now Wiggy will be getting to 10th quicker than expected.



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    I have a feeling this could be the first CoD I max out prestiges on, which is a success I suppose. Already 5th prestige and only 2 months in.

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    Legitimately made prestige 10 level 80, had a few (maybe 8 or 9) MOAB's along the way, and got a sweet kill with the trophy system.  Someone tried to throw a grenade a little too close to my trophy system, and when it destroyed their grenade it killed them, giving me the credit.  Pretty cool video of it in my vault.

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    Going into 9th prestige, legit with a sub 900 world rank in HCKC.  I feel aI am going to flame if I go on, so I will end it there.......

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    Made my v first ever edited clip.....lots of fun. Kill 5 opponents in 20 second. Two picked of a middle distance. Was flashed and jumped by 3 at close quarters...dispatched all 3 while semi blind....a little jink, a little drop, a little luck and a little lag I'm sure....love my FAD.......sorry not normally into self congrats but it was fun.

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    Wasn't around for the BLOPS version but good on ya for starting this up!


    My success (just fun really).  I finally made a riot shield class and played drop zone.  If you have not done this and don't care about your K/D falling, DO IT!  I had so much fun backing into a corner and distracting the other team whilst my buddies owed them down.


    One thing I did notice is that prople really don't pay attention.  At least twice per game, I had an enemy come into the drop zone running right at me and turn and back up into me.  It is a blast to shield them and they all were like WTF?!  They never saw me even though I was in plain sight.  It was a ton o fun.

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    Currently on a 64 game win streak in HC KC... I may purposely kill it in 5 games.



    I'll let you figure out why...

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    As a new CoD player I have enjoyed many aspects of this game.  My favorite incidents so far was on my 1st map with a pp90 ever i mowed down all 6 of the enemy team in under 5 seconds.  Map started and I ran down the stairs on Resistance only to find the entire team playing follow the leader around the corner at me.

    My second favorite success story was blowing up 5 of the enemy team with an RPG from the long hall way while they all ran into the small sniper room accross the street on lockdown.

    My 3rd favorite success was my first no death map on mission where I went 28-0 (using kill streaks.  Got 2 predators, 2 Attack Helicopter and 2 Strafe runs and our team winning the match 7500 - 600.

    My 4th Success Story is still in progress.  After playing by myself for the first week online i was only a .30 or around there KDR.  After getting the hang of the controls my KDR is climbing about 1 to 2% a day.  Finaly up to .96 KDR.  I hope to be at 1.0 by Sunday.


    I am sure all of you have experienced these sort of things before.  For this being my 1st ever FPS I am really happy about them.

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    Success I have my old account back!


    to anyone that had to make a new account try signing in with your old one, thats all I did on a random chance and it worked


    Edit:- I'm logged into my first account but it post as my second? I was all excited then.


    On topic - Making a whole lobby back out after beasting them with my chug-a-chug - Success

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    So I'll leave the forum tonight on a positive note


    Reached 8th prestige today and decided my weapons of choice for this prestige will be the Spaz-12 and M16A4.


    Oh and this little beauty




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    domination game

    The score was 120(me) 170 them

    We triple capped them when they got to 199 and we were about 180

    We won the match 200-199

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    18 KillStreak with my 50 Cal sniping on Bootleg ended up going 22-2 we won the game of groundwars KC. that was actually my 1st gun too level 31

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    Come on guys keep these success storys coming.


    Success of the day would be this long distance TK during a HC Dom match.  This guy thought he could camp on top of the dome, then he took a throwing knife to the knee!


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    If Wiggy is alright with it, you may want to go ahead and edit it so that it's 100% MW3 oriented.

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    Read a post on the forum this morning that talked about the way specialist helps with speedy rank up. Went for a little YouTube search for further info and the concluded the wise advise a combination of specialist with HL pro.


    Now your humble respondent has always assumed specialist was for the pros, which this gamer most certainly is not;)


    Well changed classes accordingly and just finished playing a couple hours. What a delight kd went up as did average points per game from say 7k to 12k per match.


    Will prestige again today what joy and fun....ha ha;)

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    Joined a game of random Dom this morning the team was down a little. The host was not doing so well and threatened to rage quit. I told him I would stick with him and watch his back.  I was build a great kd and lots of points and wanted the end game bonus to help prestige.


    We had a great game, Got the win, lots of points the host did well with a little support and friended me too boot so have a new buddy. He is a Founder too so that kind of good as well.


    Social side and team work can be fun in this game.

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    After hearing of Gallp's success I decided I too would step out of my comfort zone and try the specialist strike package and what can I say, It has increased my XP return per game and improved my KD (although i'm not to bothered about my KD as long as it's positive over all) defiantly something I'll be using through my 8hrs of double XP next prestige. The one thing I don't like is stalker, gets me killed everytime. I prefer the movement slowing down when I ADS.


    Really enjoying the new maps when I mange to get a game in one, Elite HC Moshpit seems to have a heavy bias towards HC SnD - Dome for some reason.


    Piazza is defiantly my favorite of the 2, I just love picking up my shotgun running up, down and through the maze of stairs and alleyways, had quite a few success's on this map 3 roflcopters was nice one, got one in HC SnD on this map as well



    so in conclusion


    Specialist strike package = Success

    Elite DLC = Success

    Elite HC Moshpit = FAIL


    News just in Elite playlist are getting changed tonight to give new maps more bias.

    (What have you done to me Mac?)

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    youtube.com/sessi0ns    <-- Check it out if u have time

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    still after that elusive 6 man nade kill though as i cant live off my blops one for ever


    oh and i got what i paid for elite refunded!!! id call that a success

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    Yesterday a guy hit my bettie on hard hat and took off like superman horizintal to the ground, off my screen at 300mph. Never saw him land. But I laughed for like 3 straight minutes. Couple teammates that saw it laughed for awhile too. I gotta see if I can find it in my theatre and post it.

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    keep it going!

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      you'd be more successful if you made this a Black Ops thread lol

      not much to be positive about on mw3 lately .. even the fixes are broken

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        There is a one of these for blops and it's full of Community Success Stories...just like this thread. I had a great day playing today...low lag, owned some SGs played new maps set up classes on elite app and imported made some clips, played some games with my mates and made 2 new friends......one from this forum....sure there are negatives but for me it's good...hence the post on the Community Success Thread.....cheers

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    Just played 2 hours and only hade 1 v v bad lag ame rest were. Quite good. Was host or a few as well. Played conservatively in these games. Was fun over all.

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    Love MW3! <3


    Pistols in MW2 werent that great, so I didnt think much of them when I started MW3. After a few matches I decide to try my personal favorite of the pistol class:


    The USP.45.


    I didn't expect to do well... but the very first weapon I managed to complete was indeed the USP.  The MP5 and the USP.45 have been my favorite stealth style weapons since I started CoD.


    I jumped into a FFA on Arkaden, lead guy had 15 kills. Since I was new to MW3 at the time I took it even more carefully than I would, and tried to keep the upper tier of the mall secure. I eventually caught up an won.


    My final killcam featured a triple feed, I blasted a guy with the USP, turned on and stabbed another player, and shot a single bullet at a guy coming up the inner stairs (He was already being shot) resulting in a headshot.   Once I hit 10th/80, the USP will once again be one of my most used weapons in CoD.