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whats classed as a good accuracy ?

i posted some stats on here in a thread saying mine was only a 13.71 and i got some crap saying i was a spray and pray player but since then its moved up to 15.24 so i was wondering what is a good accuracy to have

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    Depends on how you play. If you're an assault rifler who likes to go for long range kills with marksman titles, you'll naturally have lower accuracy. Then if you like sniping, you should definitely have a higher accuracy.


    Pretty useless statistic.

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    The top people on my friend's list have around 20-23% accuracy, I think thats great accuracy.

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    I am a run and gun type of guy most of the time.  Mine is around 23%.  I use mostly the MP7 and the ACR and Scar.  Use quick draw and a red dot and force yourself to slow down a little and aim.  Don't fire wildly across the map, that only gives away your position and you probably wont get the kill anyways.

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    accuracy is about the most ridiculous, and useless stat this game keeps track of. you could have a 6% accuracy rate and still be a great player. with scavenger and being able to pick up weapons, and with lmgs, and akimbo weapons, accuracy is absolutely pointless.

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    I think the accuracy thing is rubbish anyway due to lag. Quite often if you get the final kill of the match its looks like you've only just dropped the guy but on the replay if you using a fully auto weapon you find you've fired off an additional 2-3 rounds wastefully. I always use full auto weapons and mines about 15.5%

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    i use the mk14 and i have a 24.7 acuraci and a 2.8 ratio

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    i would say to not worry about what your accuracy is at all. from how i have been playing, it is WAAAAY to easy to increase your accuracy. if you use and AR or an automatic weapon, then your accuracy will most likely start to go down cuz that is more of a chance for you to miss and not get any hits. let me explain how easy it is.....


    i was at 16% accuracy, and then using a prestige token i unlocked  my 1887 early and used that throughout my prestige. within a couple of days ( i didnt really play a lot mind you) my accuracy went from 16% to 22% with using JUST the 1887. then i started using the Type95 and my accuracy went down to 21%.


    so my point is, the accuracy system is so easy to manipulate that all you have to do is use the 1887 or any single shot shotgun (not the semi autos like the striker or AA12 or whatever cuz those are used mostly to spray with) and your accuracy will go up by a lot in a matter of matches. but if you use an automatic weapon, your accuracy will go down.

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    I actual love my accuarcy i hope i keep raising it it's currently 20%

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    Accuracy means nothing....at all.

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    mine is 30.7%  Thats the highest I have seen so far.

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    Accuracy is not directly related to skill. It depends on a lot of variables.

    From gamemodes played to style of play to guns used.

    People who play hardcore search, prefire often giving them a low accuracy.

    Some people that have high KD ratios and WL ratios continuously shoot in the area of an opponent if they go under cover.

    Shotguns get a hitmarker nearly every shot. Type 95s/Mk14 are often high accuracy guns.

    Sub machine gunes w/ rapid fire may miss a lot.

    I see a 20% as a rather good accuracy.

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    stats depends on guns, perks, maps, teammates, enemies, even the mood you are on while your are playing, you can play just one game using sniper rifle and you could manage to have just one hit and quit for ever from game to have 100% accuracy but...what is the point. I use type 95 for pinpoint accuracy and I have ~23%, but if I use FAD I ruin the stats pathetically if I hold the trigger. don't even be bothered by people's talking crap. On the other hand, you could care more about how many MVP, IMMORTAL, OVERKILL, etc aggresive accolades you got, that is (kinda) a side proof of your game efficiency.

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    I think accuracy is somewhat important, I'd rather carry a high one than low one..it doesn't mean in this laggy game that I have it over anyone that has a lower accuracy but my chances are a bit better I think at having a better overall game.  I run and gun and right now sit a t 22.33%.  I use mainly ARs, than SMG and then mix in shotguns and sniper rifles here and there.  The majority of my ARs are above 21%, except for the AK and G36 I think.  SMGs around 19%.  I notice if I have a somewhat bad game my accuracy dips into the teens, if I do well its generally in the 20s or higher.  Doesn't seem like a big difference, but with each COD game as of late while my accuracy has gotten steadily better my KD has too. 

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    Accuracy is a fun statistic to look at on elite.

    An impressive accuracy on an assault rifle would be in the range of 22-25%.








    My personal overall Accuaracy is about 22% and I am typically a Assault/SMG user.

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    For everyone saying accuracy is a meaningless stat I disagree completely.


    I'm not saying it's the end all be all but it is important.  A person with higher accuracy is more likely to get shots on target quicker and will have that "lock on" type of aim.


    Although it can be lowered by doing things like drop shotting, halo jumping, pre firing etc.  It's still important.


    My accuracy is pretty bad.  It's been bad in every cod besides MW2 where I had an 18%.


    Mw3 Accuracy- 14% 2.53 K/D

    Blops Accuracy- 15% 2.92 K/D


    If I'm always at the advantage on the enemy though it doesn't matter what my accuracy is.  I do find myself dying from time to time because someone was able to get shots on target before I was.

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      The reason its unimportant is because its deceiving. Maybe I spend too much time shooting at walls where I think people are behind them. Maybe I prefire too much, or shoot a it ppl much after a kill, maybe I use steady aim more, or maybe I just randomly fire for whatever my reasons. These are all figured into accuracy. The guns all have their own accuracy , and I have always believed that lag figures into it in a significant way. Too many variables to say its a meaningful stat. Whereas I feel confident in stating that if you're a 1.01+K/D in TDM, that you're providing a meaningful differnce in the game.

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    Don't worry about the accuracy stats in-game...  elite keeps track of accuracy on each weapon and that's what will actually mean something.


    For a full auto gun you should be in the 20-25% range.

    For a single shot gun you should be in the >50% range.


    This is just my opinion, but I really think if you're much below those numbers your game could benefit a lot by taking the time to aim your shots effectively.  I'm not saying it makes you a bad player, but just that you haven't reached your full potential yet.

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    Well all I can say is the best players I know also have the highest accuracy rate aroud 22%. Mine is about 17%. The wost on my list is about 7% and he's pretty bad. It's not the defining factor in determining skill but it is A factor.

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    I just tried to find mine on elite but cant see it anywere

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    the points about lag affecting accuracy is true. I recently moved and had to change ISP's my accuracy took a dive from 19.80% to a 16.41% in the matter of 2 weeks.