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Riot Shield Tips thread

Hello everyone Rev here bringing you a riot shield thread. Lets start with the basics.


+ The riot shield covers the area you're facing ONLY

   + When not equipped, it will be on your back and can cover you although with less effectiveness


+ Has the ability to absorb damage such as bullets and explosions


+ Can be stuck with semtex and throwing knives

    + Blast Shield allows the user to survive a semtex that is stuck to the riot shield


+ The player will lose his cover given that the user is doing an action such as : throwing equipments, mantling objects or planting/defusing a bomb


+ A stun grenades is advisable to use with the riot shield instead of a flashbangs as the shield will not block you against flashbangs


+ Points will be rewarded to the user if :

    - Ally kills the enemy who is shooting at the shield

    - Bullets continously hits the riot shield


+ Take note that the user's buttocks will be slightly tilted to the left as shown in this picture so be careful



+ Wii EXCLUSIVE! The riot shield will not crack in the Wii version.


+ The speed proficiency allows the user to move as if the user is equipping an assault rifle.


+ If the user is using a combination of the C4 and the riot shield, it is possible to detonate the C4 without going out of cover


+ <Will post a video that will be releasing in a few hours titled 'MW3 Wii: How to bash faster with the Riot Shield> (also includes my asian voice)


+ It takes around 5 bashes to kill a juggernaut in multiplayer


+ Players should only go hostile against enemies when the foe is reloading or stops firing. This is extremely important and might kill you if you don't wait.


+ Here are some advisable class that you should go with


Team Riot



+ G18 is used against enemy personnel who is from a CQB as a backup weapon

+ Throwing knife is for enemies who are standing still (also refer to my video)

+ Concussion to slow enemies down

+Scavenger helps you ressuply your throwing knives and G18 ammunition, Quickdraw Pro helps you throw faster and Dead Silence to help you sneak up on enemies

+ Speed proficiency to help you get up close and personal with the foe


Solo Riot



+ RPG helps you flush enemy out

+ C4 helps you kill enemies without getting out of cover (use double press < or Y to detonate without using the detonator)

+ Concussion helps to slow enemy down

+ Assassin lets you get close and personal without showing up on radar, sitrep helps to know where the campers are and extreme conditioning to get to destination quickly

+ Melee proficiency helps you kill enemy twice as fast



Thats all for now Like this thread please?