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Tempering your connection might get you banned


For those of you, who did'n follow the Q&A with G IH A IN ID II (Developer), you might find this interesting.


"Part of the problem is that people are turning to lag switch equvalent solutions to overcome problems whether real or even perceived. This is not healthy for the player base at large."


"Eventually I'll be advising everyone not to do it. It is a form of cheating which we can detect."


These are quotes from G IH A IN ID II regarding some people fixing lag-issues by bottlenecking their connections with torrents and whatsoever to gain advantage over other players. If you want to read the whole story go here: http://community.callofduty.com/message/205348004#205348004


Now here's the problem. Developers try to finetune stuff so our online experience get's better. This can't work if some (or many) start messing things up on the other end. Noboby said you will get banned for this but since it's considered cheating this might be an option. So play fair because you might risk a ban or even reset. Thanks for reading.

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