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How to get a Refund for Elite this ONLY APPLIES TO UK / XBL


Right just got off the phone to xbl,

I have been refunded my 4000ms points and they are cancelling my subscription to elite.


as you know theres been a few of us who've now gotten refunds in the last few days well heres my story hope it helps others


I spoke to them at great length about the whole elite issue and they I was told they have been "inundated" (thier words) with unhappy callers especially since the dlc hit and the complaints from unhappy people now stuck with a locked dlc, and completely agreed with me that the advertised services that were part of premium elite were not available as advertised. It does strike me as a testament to the failure of elite that xbl who are infamous in refusing refunds are doing so in this case..


So if you want a refund call 0800 587 1102 its a free phone number and select the billing option think its number 4


Be polite!

Explain that under uk law you have given the service the required 30 days plus to make good on their contract, and they have failed to deliver on any advertised premium features, and mention the fact the dlc is locked to one specific gt and the usage policy says the opposite..

if you are unsure what the usage policy says see the photo below.




Depending how you paid depends on what refund you will get... I will explain it exactly how they explained it to me.. if you paid by credit card there are more than happy to refund the payment and cancell the sub, BUT if you paid via ms points theres an issue as normally ms points are set in stone and they do not refund points back, I explained that the points would still be used to buy the dlc in march as i need the dlc to work on all gt's on my xbox, their answer was under the circumstances and due to the time i have been with xbl ect they were happy to refund the points back as a goodwill gesture as they could see I only added the 4000 points to buy elite. still technically im out of pocket as i bought a prepaid card for the points but im sure ill either buy some of the actual dlcs for mw3 if the the original policy is used and if not well theres some pretty decent games on xbla i should try me thinks



This only applies to the uk/european players, but im sure if the americans were to explain to us xbox support their collegues over in euroland are refunding people they might be more likely to agree too..cant promise anything though as i said in other posts we have much better consumer rights over this end of the world than you guys have.


so there you go.. yes you can get a refund for elite now is the time to speak with your wallets virtual or otherwise if like me you are entirely dissatisifed with the elite service .


also sorry ps3 users this is xbox related not sure if you guys have the same recourse as us, but given the number of unhappy posters from the ps3 boards im thinking you guys have the same rights as us if not more just depends on psn's customer service team.



oh and as i know theres always those doubters out there... screenie of my points statement as you can see 4000ms points were adjusted back in today