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Unfair treatment DLC

If you've ever played PS3 you usually get mad when you have to wait for new content. Just because Xbox gets paid for players to play doesn't mean they should get special treatment. When call of duty elite came out they said EVERYONE would get DLC at the same time and now they wont even tell us the release date is. We the PS3 gamers want the same treatment sence  we paid 50 bucks for elite(for the ones that did ) now give us our DLC at the same time or exclusives for PS3 the Wii got a seperate cammo why cant we get that or a map just for us or a game type what about when Robert said we can get custom online matchis outside of privite match. So far all the thing weve been promisted are now gone or missing when you say someting infont of millions of people you shouldant go back on it (Robert). So if you think this problem needs to be adressed post your thoughts. Or what we can do about this problem this is not fair to the millions of people that play. SHARE THIS LINK