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Hardcore Support for Elite DLC

Dear MW3 Staff,


I am fairly disappointed with the way the Elite DLC has been released soley for the fact that you only have 1 Hardcore Playlist (which is Moshpit). Meanwhile, you have 5 or so Core Playlists, each it's own gametype. I, personally, am not looking for each gametype for Hardcore, but maybe a dedicated Hardcore Ricochet TDM with the new maps. Would that be too much to ask for a dedicated HC RIC TDM in the Elite Playlists?


Also, why did you take out HQ from Hardcore but keep it in Core?


(I'll be straight up, I have not searched the forums for answers nor have I really read any other posts on this forum. This is my first post but it's something that's been on my mind for a while now (The HQ portion at least). I apologize if there's been some overlap in posts or if it's been explained somewhere else.)