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Backing out/Dashboarding


I previously made a thread saying why I dashboard because woodys gaymertag lied and told the community that dashboarding was bannable (lol).


Anyways through that thread I learned that if I get put into a game, check and see if I'm losing, and then back out before picking my class it wouldn't be a loss. That worked, so I didn't need to dashboard as soon as I joined losing games anymore.


BUT NOW for some reason you fixed that, and if I back out before picking my class it's a loss.


That means' I will keep dashboarding, thanks.

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    I just turn off my xbox when I get host, and am getting destroyed because of lag comp.

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    Why don't you just wait and get kicked from the game?? If I have to leave a game for whatever reason that's exactly what I'll do, but I'll not dashboard, is a loss that big a deal?

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    they didnt change that. I did it today and didnt get a loss. But for some reason, it does give you a loss for doing it from time to time.

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    To some people apparently it is, otherwise you wouldn't see so many people using damage glitch, striker/akimbo combination (saying they nerfed those is just another sad joke like when they say they've fixed the lag comp) and things of that nature. Many people judge someone's ability based on k/d and w/l ratios when those things are mostly random especially when you are playing in a random game without having a group of "regulars" you play with.

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    Well I'm pretty sure it does. I've been playing HC Tdm to complete the challenges recently and I left 2 in a row and got 2 losses.


    That's 2 losses that I shouldn't have, and I'm not going to risk more so I'll just dashboard.

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    Because it's not a loss when I get put into a game losing 27-74. It's just bs. It's a big deal because that's one loss I shouldn't have. If I actually played from the beginning and lost that would be fine, I don't like getting put into dominated games.


    Also if you wait and get kicked from the game that's ALWAYS a loss.

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    If you dashboard in those occasions, I'm pretty sure you would dashboard if your not playing well, take it on the chin and move on!


    P.S Your correct about getting kicked, it does give you a loss, I thought it didn't but I just tried. I'll go and cry now that I've got another loss!!


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    I thought dashboarding gave a loss too?  It is absolutely ridiculous getting into the middle of games, I play solo a lot and end up getting into Domination games with Pave lows out and the team I'm on is double capped and losing by a lot or triple capped.  It really makes playing by yourself a pain.

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    Dashboarding does give you a loss.  It just doesn't affect your win streak.

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