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What headset does everyone prefer to wear? I personally use the Turtle Beach XP500's and out of every headset I've every used or tried ( TB, Trition, and Astro ) and to me this headset is the best there is. What is everyone else's view?

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    Turtle Beach X12s.


    I always used to wear Skullcandy earbuds or on-ear headphone, but I wanted a gaming headset that way I didn't need to wear the crappy Xbox headset and another pair of headphones. The X12s were cheap, and they get the job done.

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    Ya having a good headset helps a ton, and they are worth every penny!

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    How much were the XP500s?


    I have Tritton 720s


    I wouldn't say they are all worth every penny.  IMO unless you are playing professionally there is no reason for a headset that is upwards of 200 dollars.


    That's just my opinion though.

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    Ive had Astros, as well as numerous sets of TB's, currently have TB x41 and x31(backups) that I use. I like the wireless sets, just use rechargeable batteries and recharge between uses. Agreed though, a good headset helps loads.

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    I have the wired Turttle Beaches, dont know model, but every kind of TB Ive seen or used seem to be awesome. I went wired so I would never have to worry about charging or anything, pluse I use them for my laptop music too so battery powered didnt seem to be the logical choice.

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    It depends on personal preference.


    Sound quality, Astro Mixamp + HPX/PC350/PC360/SteelSeeries V2/Razer  Carcharias

    Comfort, PC360/V2/Carcharias

    Total Functions, TB PX5/XP500


    Overall: Comfort + Astro Mixamp/5.8 is the best set-up currently possible @ sound quality + price.

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    They were 269.99. After tax and all i can't remember the exact amount, but its a pricey headset but I make sure it gets its use in

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    perhaps the x11s? I had a set of those before I switched over to wireless. I like to be able to go get a drink from the kitchen, or a snack, or whatever without having to take off the headset.

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    I used the astros A40's for about 3 years. Super comfortable and the sound quality is insanely good. They just cost a pretty penny. Its about $250 for the headset and all its accessories. You do get a lot of stuff with it though. 

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