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SaltShakers MW3 Elite Clan Recruitment

The SaltShakers clan is a clan I've made recently. I am beginning to recruit members for the team. There are only a few requirements, and they are fairly simple and easy to attain.


               Have a rank of at least 50 on Modern Warfare 3.

               Have a minimum K/D ratio of 1.00.

               Have Call of Duty Elite Premium.


     Clan Name: SaltShakers


(If you meet these requirements, post your gamertag below and I will evaluate and invite you)


We are currently a level 2 clan. We will begin working on lone wolf operations as soon as they are released, and need as many profecient players as possible in order to complete them in the lowest amount of time. We look forward to leveling up and receiving all the perks of Call of Duty Elite with you.