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map packs for "normal" users  - my last call of duty !

so i read about, that "normal" users will get the map packs later. That´s no problem in general but two month later is unfair an if IW doesn´t change that - I will not buy the maps and I will not buy another call of duty !




The maps are not free - so i have to pay for them like all the others. But why should i do that? All the Elite Members have 2 month time to explore the maps. In 2 month the maps are well known and all the "normal" users have no chance for a fair game on the new maps. Why should I pay for an unfair game?


I think 2 weeks later will be enough - because I also have to pay the full price ! I repeat it - If that is not changed - it was the last call of duty for me !

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    I do agree with you on the delay for the dlc, however, you will be buying all future titles like everyone else regardless if that dlc time changes.

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    No I´m very strict in those thing. I had a Problem with Battlefield and I promised not to buy Battlefield 3. Most of my friends bought it again - but I will never buy a Battlefield again. This series is dead for me forever ! And Call of Duty will be the same if nothing happens. In my firendlist there are 6 people who don´t buy Battlefield 3 because of bad things in previous Battlefield games.


    You have to think about, that not all people write in Forums like this. An Game Companys often don´t understand why people don´t buy their games. If the map pack thing isn´t changed this Company will not get 1 cent from me in the future.

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    its just marketing , trying to get people to buy into elite is all..


    same as this 100k comp day they are now hyping everywhere.. seems everytime elite gets loads of bad press they go on the charm offensive to buy peoples loyalty back

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    I would appreciate those maps just as much as anyone else. It is unfair for the casual gamer who does not want to purchase elite. I have no intention to purchase elite. I dont see the point to buying elite. I have debated this for a good month now and here is how it plays out for me.








    50 bucks - sorry, i just spent 50 on the game

    Not interested in tournaments

    Lag issues with the game

    IW is concerned with gun buffs/nerfs than real issues

    Elite webby is crap

    Im annoyed with being killed by JFK's magic bullet



    Now i would be willing to download the new map pack and play it like the rest. Hey IW, i have MS points im willing to spend, so just drop the maps. I think it is silly i have to wait until they release 4+ maps later this fiscal quarter (which we are almost halfway through). In the long run, elite does not interest me on a gaming standpoint, nor a financial standpoint. I think they are going to lose out on a lot of money because they are holding back the way they are.


    Ask yourself IW, is it worth the money to anger the mob more, or to give them what they want now? Im not even asking for a lag fix, i just want your damn maps.

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    I do agree with you, I purchased elite premium just to get the maps early but making others wait 2 months is ridiculous, a couple of weeks would be more than sufficient. Like you say, you're paying for them anyway.


    When they become available for purchase, I'll not be surprised if this forum is  inundated with complaints about people camping on the new maps simply because they don't know them and others having being playing them for 2 months!

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    Yeah, but just think how many players went and bought Elite just to get the maps, now IW has all their DLC money upfront earning a shed load in the bank and have not even told them what the rest of the DLC is yet.


    The website doesn't work, even if I could get on all my stats are wrong and other than a few extra's all this stuff was traditionally in the game and was accurate!


    Still it's making money because parents will buy it because it beats actually interacting with their kids and lets be honest, this game was made for kids.

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    This hurt those of us who bought the elite package as well because there are less people who have the new maps so it takes longer for the game to find enough players and a decent host on these maps , So thanks to Activisions brilliant idea both the people who did and didnt buy elite are suffering.

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    Well that doesnt make a whole lot of sense...you are not willing to pay 50 bucks, but you would much rather pay 15 bucks 4 times? Just because individual sums are smaller, it doesnt look like you spend that much money eh? If you know you would download all the map packs anyway, then there is no reason for you not to get elite premium...

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    Good bye then and no one here will miss your whining about something you should have allready known would happen if you had paid enough attention.

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