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Ever feel like you've just... lost it?

OK, so for the first, say, 3-4 months this game was out, I was kicking total ass. I made my way up to Prestige 5, and my K/D went to a 1.6 ratio. I even peaked at a 26-1 FFA, AND got my first M.O.A.B from that match. I used to be able to consistently get 20+ kills every match.


Now, however, since I got that MOAB, my K/D has done nothing but drop. I've run into every kind of B/S imaginable:


-Lag switches


-HARDCORE campers

-Entire lobbies running Blind Eye and Akimbo MPs

-bad spawning (9-15 FFA, EVERY time I died was a spawn kill)


My K/D has slipped to a 1.57, and it's a struggle just to keep it there. I'm not the greatest player ever known, by ANY means, but I KNOW I'm better than this. If anything, I should have held at 1.60.


Anyone else feel like they've lost their touch? Has anyone constantly gotten stuck with the absolute worst the community has to offer? I want so badly to be good at this game, but it almost feels like the game itself is fighting me; as if I'm not allowed to be good at it.


WTF can I do?

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    Well, I don't think I could keep my K/D much higher than it is now. If I really tried, I could probably keep it around 2.75 or something around that, but I think I'm pretty much at my peak. But I do get BSed a lot and I feel like I'm being jacked out of so much kills because of the problems in this game.


    Without even counting the spawns, I can say 75% of my deaths are because of lag. In a 1v1 gunfight, I win only 50% of the time, despite me shooting first and always aiming directly at them and never even seeing the enemy shoot at me, but I still die anyways.

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      I'd be more than happy with that kind of K/DR. I refuse to play FFA anymore ever since that disgusting display of spawning, and lately, I've always joined losing games in progress as far as TDM and KC go.

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        I'm at the end of my rope. Another night of BS, everything from spraying someone with Akimbo MP9s point blank and not getting hit markers, to 2-3 lag-infested lobbies, all in the same day. Best I could muster was a 15-5 game.


        I really don't know how much more I can take; I'm sick of fighting this game and the garbage community that plays it. I'm starting to feel like I'm just not allowed to be good at the game, that it's built solely for n00bs.

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    What you do is - Make another account and stop worrying about your KD so much. Be a noob and have fun - then go back to your try hard account when you think you can beast. Trust me.

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    go to youtube.com/Bodybag513 for tips.

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    yes same feeling right here when the game came out its was alrite i was making kills always in the first place of the list, but lately this month its just impossible, even when you shoot at them always a striker or akimbo B.S cames at me or a stabbing from far away and im dead , plus the fact of the respawning over that gives me a headache, i was starting to worry about it cuse a i thought it was me but im reading things in the foroum. i really like the game but theres something its not convincing me at all, but i have to stick with it cuse i paid more than 100dlss for this,, sometimes i drop it and play lil big planet instead how lame its that!!

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    K/D slipped big time; down to 1.54. I think it's time to walk away from this while my K/D is still mediocre. Seems like everything I've learned between MW2 and now doesn't mean ****; this is a game built for scrubs.

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    I know how you feel. I know I'm not one of the best players around, but I know I'm certainly not one of the worst either (I've never had a match where my deaths were double or more my kills like I've seen some people have; one time saw a person with 0 Kills, 2 Assists, and 18 Deaths x_x), yet I have constantly run into what feels like BS like what was mentioned lately;


    - Lag/lag compensation gun battles. Either skipping/freezing or simply being "behind" the person I encounter who "actually" saw me and started shooting a second before me, or I'd think I'd escaped the battle by getting behind a whole building, only to still die. One time, I saw a person well before they saw me and, according to MY screen, I hit them with my AR SEVEN times, seeing the little X flash in my crosshairs and hearing the *THWUP* sound each time, but he never died, then he turns and kills me with a small burst. According to the killcam, only 1 of my shots are said to have hit while he only hit me 3 times in the legs...


    - Ridiculously accurate/strong/etc weapons from a distance (Striker, Akimbos, etc). LMGs losing to SMGs from 2+ blocks away, and other such situations is just stupid.


    - Spawn kills. Respawn after being killed, then barely able to take 7+ steps before the person who just killed me suddenly rounds a corner (using Extreme Conditioning probably) and kills me or is suddenly behind me and kills me or I end up spawning right in the midst of 2+ enemies, or right in the middle of a Predator target, etc.


    - Aimbots (people killing me with pretty much 1-2 shots from pretty much ANY weapon).


    - Knifing not working (from behind and point-blank too) because of lag while, on the flip side, a person would knife me from 5+ feet away.


    ...and so on, and so forth.

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    I think the big thing is to not take it personally. I just got to a .75 K/D ratio today and that's the highest it's ever been and I'm proud of if. I can see what you are saying though. I think it's because when it first came out, no one knew maps, there were no hacks, and people didn't know how to exploite the little hick-ups in the game. As soon as people get used to that stuff, they will milk it for all that it's worth. In the begining, it's all about skill. That's why it was more fun for me in the begining as well. But, as I said before, you can't take it too personally. Bottom line is it's a game and you're supposed to have fun playing it. As soon as you stop having fun, you should stop playing it. You're life won't end, trust me.

    Edit: Just also wanted to add that I know how it can feel to have a duty to play a game. To feel like you HAVE to play it even if you're not having fun. Well that's just not true and the sooner you learn that the happier you'll be. I played WOW for 6 years because I felt I had to and yea, I miss it a little sometimes, but for the most part I'm having a lot more fun with my gaming experience.
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      I love the game for what it is, but having to come to the realization that it was built for scrubs is pretty hard; especially considering how much I've learned over the course of the last two titles to get better at the game.


      It's simple: The game isn't fun when you're consistently being stomped by a bunch of little homos just because they're dual-wielding FMGs or can spray 60 feet with the Striker.


      On the flip side, I got in someone's face with a Striker in a game a while back on Seatown. I literally RAN RIGHT INTO HIM, and got a hit marker shooting him. I still knifed him for the kill before he could react, but he should have been dead to rights from the shotgun blast.