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CoD9 Create A Class Suggestions


Primary Weapons - Assault Rifles, Submachine Guns, Light Machine Guns, Shotguns, Sniper Rifles


Secondary Weapons - Pistols, Special (Ballistic Knife, Crossbow, etc.), Launcher (Two rockets, automatically locks on to UAV/Counter UAV only).  Must select Pistol if using an underbarrel attachment.



Primary Equipment:


Frag – Explodes after four seconds; can bounce off surfaces


Semtex – Grenade that sticks to its target; cannot be cooked


Throwing Knife – Reusable throwing knife


C4 – Remote detonated explosive; press RB again to detonate


Claymore – Proximity mine that explodes in one direction



Secondary Equipment:


Smoke – Create a smoke screen


Flash – Two grenades that blind and deafen targets


Stun – Two grenades that slow and disorient targets


Decoy – Grenade that simulates the weapon equipped when thrown.  Triggers automatically or tap LB again to manually “fire”


Tactical Insertion – Designate your next respawn. Replaced by Smoke in Free-For-All.





Scavenger– Pick up ammo and throwing knives from enemies

PRO: Replenish primary/secondary equipment from enemies every two bags (excludes Claymores, Decoys and Tactical Insertions)


Instinct– Damage marks enemies on mini-map for three seconds; grenades mark enemy on hit marker

PRO: See player names from a greater distance


Hardline – One less point for a point streak, excluding 3 point Assault and 5 point Support streaks.

PRO: Two assists earn a point towards a point streak


Technician – Detect enemy primary equipment and ground based point streaks

PRO: Hack any detected object by aiming at it within range (1.5 second hack time)


Warlord – Three attachments for primary weapon

PRO: Option to replace secondary equipment with another primary equipment





Flak Jacket – Reduced player explosive damage (Explosive damage x0.5)

PRO: Resistance applied to car/barrel explosions, reset the fuse on thrown back grenades


Agility – Faster moving (move speed x1.1), mantling, and recovery from equipment usage (both speeds x2)

PRO: Immune to Motion Sensor


Sleight of Hand – Faster gun reloads (reload time x0.5)

PRO:  Faster weapon swap (swap time x0.5)


UAV Jammer – Undetectable by UAV while moving

PRO: See how many UAVs are active


Overkill – Carry a second primary weapon with no attachments

PRO: One attachment for second primary weapon




Marathon – Longer sprint (sprint time x2)

PRO: No fall damage


Vanguard – Resistance to flash and stun

PRO: Immune to own flash and stun; immune to gas strikes


Extrasensory– Radar indicators show enemy direction

PRO: Immune to EMP


Sit Rep: Show location of enemy airstrikes and airdrops

PRO: Louder enemy noises (player noises x2)


Dead Silence – Quieter movement (Movement noise x0.5)

PRO: Silent player sounds (Reloading, weapon switch, and grenade throw sound x0)



Strike Packages:


Assault: Get a point for every kill.  Points reset upon death.



3 kills:


RCEMP – Remote control car that disables all enemy electronics in its blast radius until respawn.


9-Bang – Flashbang with a larger, longer explosion.



5 kills:


Precision Airstrike – Deploy a directional airstrike


SAM Beacon – Deploy a beacon that targets air support to be shot down


Nerve Gas – Pick a location to hit with a Nerve Gas shell.  Gas lingers for ten seconds and slowly kills,


Assault Sentry Gun – Throw a small sentry gun that attacks enemies



7 kills:


Attack Helicopter – Deploy a computer controlled helicopter. 


Strafe Run – Three helicopters pass and shoot all outdoor targets


Reaper Missile – Deploy a user controlled missile



9 kills:


Assault Drone – Airdrop a crate containing a remote controlled drone


Bombardment - Select three locations to hit with massive artillery strikes


Harrier Strike – Call in an airstrike that leaves a hovering harrier guarding the target



11 kills:


Dogs – Release a pack of attack dogs into the map.


Satellite – Show enemy position live for forty-five seconds.  Cannot be shot down.


EMP – Disable all enemy electronics and kill streaks for one minute.



Support: One point per kill, objective, or point streak destroyed.   Points do not reset upon death.



5 points:


Support UAV- Show enemy position for thirty seconds.  One swipe every three seconds.


Motion Sensor – Throw a device that detects moving/sprinting players in its radius.


Camera Spike – Deploy a camera that marks enemies on radar within its view radius.



7 points:


Counter UAV – Jam enemy radar for thirty seconds


Scrambler – Throw a device that jams enemy electronics and announcer warnings in its radius


Supply Drop – Drop a bag containing ammo and equipment refills for teammates



9 points:


SAM Beacon – Deploy a beacon that targets enemy air support to be shot down.


Trophy System – Deploy a device that destroys all thrown explosives in its radius.  Unlimited ammo.



12 points:


Perk Drop – Airdrop a box containing a random perk for your team to pick up (eight uses per drop, no Overkill, Warlord, or UAV Jammer)


Support Sentry Gun – Airdrop a Sentry Gun.  One per team at a time.



Specialist: Earn perks by getting 3, 5, and 7 kills without dying.  Get all perks at 10 kills.  Streak resets upon death.