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Anyone Else Never Quit During a Game?

This is something that has gotten on my nerves lately and I want to know what you guys think about it.


I'm the type of guy who never quits during a game, unless I get thrown out by connection obviously. Sometimes this may be for better or for worse, but I sort of pride myself on it. I'll admit I frequently abandon lobbies if I don't like the maps or how the other team is playing (e.g. all type 95s and fmg akimbos), but that's a completely different issue.


The way I see it is that quitting is downright disrespectful and just ruins everyone's experience. For one, the issue of people quitting when losing 180-40 in dom, then someone trying to get into dom gets completely screwed with a loss and a bad experience. Then you have the issue of people quitting during an objective game, when it's still perfectly winnable, it's just rude to the team.


I'm just wondering if there's any way to make an incentive to stop people from leaving during a game. Maybe a title for doing a prestige with very few quits? I don't know.


I'm not really whining and I still enjoy the experience, but I just think the online experience could be a lot better if people just stuck out games at least until they finished.


But yeah, what do you guys think about quitting?

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    I quit... very often. But not for no reason. I "rage quit" when I'm host (50% of the reasons I RQ), I get Downturn (UGH), entire team leaves, or other team just camping out...and using FMG9's and shotties haha. my winloss is like 37% hahahahaha

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      Hmm yeah I guess host explains why a lot of people do it. I've never experience (or at least I don't think I've ever experienced) bad lag comp as host.


      I definitely agree about downturn, but basically if downturn is winning the vote, I quit the lobby. However, because of people ragequitting in downturn games, I sometimes get thrown into them when searching, so it ends up being a vicious cycle. What an awful map.


      Yeah win-loss doesn't really deter people from quitting. I think it would be cool to have a title or something that you get by never quitting a game aside from losing connection to host for a whole prestige. Then maybe you'd lose it if you get 20% quitting on any following prestige. I don't know.

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      W/L ratio means absolutely nothing in this game anyways. Most of my losses are from joining matches that are showing the final kill cam or from backing out of a broken lag compensation lobby and getting put back into it 3 times in a row.


      Why can't these retards figure out that we need dedicated servers. Why they ever thought that Billybob McWhite trash from trailer ville USA's dialup connection somehow qualifies as a game server I will never know.


      Game server = game server

      Stolen wifi connection from the trailer next door = not a so much a game server


      Seems pretty simple to me and anybody else who has the right amount of chromosomes.

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    If i join a game towards the end where my team is losing by a lot and the other team has some rediculous killstreak like an AC-130 or Osprey Gunner, I quit.

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      I've never really considered that. In my view, it's basically a loss either way, and I don't give a rat's ass about k/d. I guess in that case I'd just try to sting the things in the air for some experience


      But the problem is you get thrown into those games because of people quitting....so the more incentive there is to not quit in the first place, the less of those cases there would be.

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    This guy right here.  The only time I do back out is if the lag is sooo crazy it is unplayable.


    If I am getting bested by better players I stay, its the only way to get better, the only way to learn.


    I have a bunch of different classes setup to deal with all types of players, strikers, snipers, Type 95 dual FMG.  None of those bother me.

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      Definitely agree..what a great positive lookout on things.


      Yeah, I mean sometimes those weapons irk me, mostly when some 7th prestige is using a golden one and probably thinking he's God's gift to the game, but I've never ragequit during a game because of it.

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    I never quit before this game. Now I usually end up quitting about 5-10 times when I start playing until I find a lobby that isn't broken from lag compensation. Then I usually get in 3 or 4 games before it migrates and then I have to resume the quitting until I find another playable lobby.


    This is seriously the most broken game ever created. The developers should be absolutely embarrassed at their complete and total incompetence.

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      It's only broken for some people though. I very rarely have problems with lag.

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        I highly doubt that unless you have a high ping and are on the good end of lag balancing. Maybe you just don't notice it because you are doing better because of the connection issues in the game. Back in MW2 you had to be good to do well. In MW3 you really don't have to be good at all and you can still have good games fairly regularly.


        One thing I have noticed is that every single one of my friends with a high K/D ratio hates this game and thinks that it is completely broken. Every one of my friends with a low K/D ratio likes this game because they are doing much better because you really don't have to be a good player to break even in this game, you just need to be on the winning end of lag balancing.


        In MW2 I almost never had a K/D ratio below 1 (maybe 1 out of every 200 matches)

        In MW3 I go negative maybe 1 out of every 4 games because of lag compensation.

        I have yet to meet one person who had a high K/D ratio on MW2 that doesn't have a problem with the lag compensation in this game.

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          me. I have high k/d ratio in all COD and have no lag issue as such. might be as you say I have a auto lag jugdement maybe but I dont find it causes me any real problems. maybe on the odd occasion I will get lag killed but isnt the compensation an advantage both ways. infact I do prefer the older CODs but not due to lag but the maps. BLACK OPs and World at war are my fav for maps and modern warfare 1 for gameplay

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    I quit if I get thrown into a game thats just awful, where my team has no hope of catching up and it's just death after death without me being able to get anything done, otherwise I stay in the game. 

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    Why stay in a game if your having connection issues? That will only make your team suffer in the end, so your best to take the loss without the added anger. As you already know my answer yes I do quit but it's only when lag effects my play.

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    I will back out if I get dropped into a game like HQ and the first thing I see is a score like 300 to nothing...LOL!!! I guess there is actually no limit to that because I have even been put in a game and the first thing I see is.....YOU LOST!!! Not sure who was in charge of creating that bit of code but...fail.

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    Theres a rare few games I'll quit when going in from the beginning, but I've quit alot when I've been lucky enough to join when the game is basically out of hand.  Whats the point?  I understand me leaving a game allows some other poor sap to get in, but heck it happened to me, happens to everyone.  I don't blame people for leaving really when the match is so lopsided, sometimes its the other team being better, sometimes its lag/connection, sometimes it just poor matchmaking.  For whatever reason people quit, but the game is broken also.  And lately it seems to have gotten worse as far as connection problems.  I've never been a fan of quitting, but find myself doing it more with MW3 than any other COD before. 

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      i never quit as my team win 95% of our matches.

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        I quit games, and I'll continue to do so for as long as they have it set up so that you can drop into games where you're on the verge of defeat. I'll be fooked if I stay in a game where I'm trying to extend a win-streak only to drop into a game where you're at 100-198 on Domination. In that scenario, it's dash-quit time.


        It's been that way for as long as I can remember. They haven't bothered doing anything about it for the past 5/6 years so I don't hold out any hope that they will now.

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    Maybe 3 or 4 times in last 18 months if something comes up and I have to got.

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    I only drop if I get put into games where we are getting smashed or if im in a lobby and every game im with the splids that cant do anything so we just get surrounded and beaten to a pulp.


    I rarely get lag problems but im in Switzerland and I think everyone here has good internet and because of that most games play lag free.  The only time I get bad games is when I join friends who are in the UK but then i know its going to be bad so I dont care as much.

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    i back out because,



    dropped into a game already in progress, if its team death match.

    i like gw dom


    seperate gw into

    death match & kc

    dom & team defender

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    I agree with you, I never quit. Most of times when i join online i get in some loosing game, but i take this as an option to try some different tactics.....quitting the game is never an option for me. i don't bother for stat and play for fun....and as working guy i get very limited time to play. If i start quitting game in middle, I will get even less play time

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    Play with a decent group of players/clan (who don't rage quit) and you'll learn the art of not leaving games.


    The clan I run with never quit whether we're losing to a good team or if connection is complete crap. Forget about individual score (unless you're playing FFA) and play as a team.


    I understand players prefer playing solo for a challenge but if you hate losing, your best best is to find players of similar skill.