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Call of Duty Elite; Worth It?

So I Dont know if This New Map Pack is Worth it To buy Elite. Is there a lot of benfits?? Just Wondering if it is worth the 50$

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    IF you enjoy playing the game and were going to buy all the MP anyway, go ahead and buy elite. IF you werent planning on buying all the MP then its not really worth it.

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    If 50$ is a lot of money for you...don't do it...because we don't need another "I demand a refund" thread.  I feel like my 50$ was put to good use because I have those new maps, founder status, and access to competitions.

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      i feel the complete opposite, while i don't feel "ripped off" i do feel that elite as a service could be a whole lot better. i feel very limited with the connect/compete/improve format of the site.

      personally i think Halo waypoint is alot better not to mention i can watch video's on their xbox app!! unlike elite which i pay for =(

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    If you don't get all the map packs and etc, then you shouldn't get Elite.  I got Elite because I usually buy all the map packs and I enjoy the game.  Also, not only does it give you the map packs, but you get to make clans compete in tournaments that are organized by Elite.  I am looking forward to the clan ops very much.  I think that clan ops and map packs are the main reasons why people would get Elite.

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    Soooooooooo worth it.  You are going to buy the map packs anyway, why not get them early?

    If that's all you want it for you are getting your money worth.  Not to mention


    Improve section


    List goes on and on.

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    • January: Two new maps (Liberation and Piazza)
    • February: New map
    • March: New map, two new Spec Ops missions
    • April: Two new maps
    • May: New map, new Spec Ops mission
    • June: New map, new Spec Ops mission, new game mode
    • July: Two new maps
    • August: New map, new Spec Ops mission, new game mode
    • September: New map, new Spec Ops mission


    Yeah, it's worth it.

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    Apart from getting the maps early there is not benefit to it. There one catch though. Right now Elite Playlist has between 4.000 and 15.000 players worldwide and this playlist is the only way to play those maps and there's just a limited number of gamemodes available. So if you like FFA or some hardcore gametypes you don't get it or just get a moshpit and most likely bad lobbies since there might not be enough players in your region. If I could turn back time I wouldn't have bought elite.

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    If you are enjoying this game then go on right ahead and subscribe. But personally i am not enjoying this game and will not be subscribing.

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      I got it free with the HE - wish I hadn't bothered. Sure you get the map packs free, but the game's broken and I won't be playing it going forward so all that's irrelevant now.


      Beyond the maps, the rest is rubbish anyway. Clan Ops still don't work, Elite TV is just a bunch of embedded low-res vids that you can't even watch through the console, and the stats you get for free anyway.


      Save yourself the money mate, seriously not worth it.

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    Yep it's ok feature wise but the dlc makes it worth while.

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      Yeah, if you intend to buy all the DLC then getting Elite will save you money over the next 9 months. I'm not impressed with the rest of the Elite package though. Sure, the comps/events are interesting but from what I can gather if you're not in the top 0.01% of the playing population then you probably don't really have a chance of getting anything (possibly a few badges though).

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    It's very well worth it. You save $10 from buying all the DLC for $60.

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    if you have a clan, sure, im being optimistic about the future of the clan system.


    if you plan to buy any DLC...YES BUY ELITE DO IT, there is no reason not to buy elite if you plan on buying dlc lol.




    Over all...yea



    EDIT: your math is a little off da_man671 , if they plan on goin 300+1200 MSP per DLC, and if they stick to there 60+ dlc drops over the next 9 months it could be well over 500$ saved on dlc hahaha

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    Well, I'm new to gaming. MW3 is my 1st. After about a month I can say I'm beginning to appreciate Elite a little better. 1st I managed to get a clan to let me join. Having 5 or 6 REALLY good players covering your butt & teaching you is a BIG advantage. And the DLC is pretty cool too. I've figured out how to use Private game mode to go in & explore any map I want for as long as I want. So by getting the new maps early I have an advantage over those who have to wait. I think. Anyway, I'm not sorry I got it & I don't really think the game is broken. I'm having a good time with it.

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    I havent bought Elite yet, but if I do, it wont be until its fully working (Clan Ops) Until its fully operational, paying money for something isnt worth it to me. (I said for me, others opionions may differ)


    Lets say you want to Lease a Car for the year. You give the dealership the money but now you have to wait for them to build the car before you can get it. So even though you dont have a car yet, your year lease has already started. By the time they have it built your already 3-4 months into the lease. So you paid a Years worth of money for 8-9 months of use.

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      its easy enough.... if you actually like MW3 and dont mind the new map design, then sure... go for it.... saves you a few bucks and you get them early..


      i personally dont care much for the game with all the issues... so i obviously dont want DLC for it...


      but based on what i've seen, this DLC is certainly not worth the full game price they are charging for it... if you want to charge $60 for all your time and development of the game engine... then charge $60 for crap they left out and some maps that show no real improvements over the stock maps?


      look at black ops or even BF3.... DLC is supposed to be of much higher quality then the stockers... thats how its justified... i just dont see it in this case..


      just my opinion... form your own

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    Save money? If they sell each map pack for 1200ms points (I know, not confirmed yet) and there will be three of them you pay 400ms points more.  don't know if those 2 new gamemodes or the spec ops missions are included there but to be honest this is not what the majority of players is waiting for. so just buying dlc (if you like it) get's you more bang for the buck.

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    NO ! ist not worth the money ..its not working ..its killing gameplay because the new maps are not there for all to play so you lose many mates to play with ..

    Its a silly money grabbing thing they made just to reel in the cash..


    NO dont get it



    And Yes i was dumb enough to buy it myself 50 bucks down the drain...