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In game reporting, does it make any difference?


Last night i was playing HC Domination in Bakkara and was patrolling up and down between flags A and C on the left of the map, so anyway i went 37-10 and we won the match by about 40 points. When i finished playing i got a message from a guy calling me a ***** camper, so as i always do i checked theater to find out that his very guy had rushed to flag B at the start of the match and decided to camp in the little room beside the B flag for  6 MINUTES before he moved.                                                                                                                                                                                                      So i sent a message back telling him to look at theater and see that he camped for 6 mins and to stop moaning that he got owned, I started to receive very offensive and sick messages back questioning my sexuality and calling me a word beginning with F and ending in G. I told him to apoligise or i would report him,so i got another message back using the same F_G word about 8 times and also telling me to wise up because u have to be reported 20 times to be banned etc. This message also told me to perform a s-xu-l act on him.

Im sickened of this as my kids sometimes use the PSN as well and could have read these messages very easily so i deleted them,but stil have his PSN name. Out of anger i hit report button repeatedly for about 30 times.

Anyway my question is.................Will the reporting do any good? and can the moderaters look at individual messages? and because i hit report so much will this void my complaint?

I want this matter taken seriously and was wondering what else i can do about it apart from in game reporting,and i dont intend to stop until something is done about this person. My fear is that nothing will be done.

In all my messages back i did not use foul language/profanity back at him at any stage.